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  • Transcriber: TED Translators Admin Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs

    翻訳: Hiroshi Yasuda 校正: Natsuhiko Mizutani

  • My name is Olafur Eliasson.


  • I'm an artist.


  • I work with natural phenomena,


  • the weather,

    天候や気候 自然環境

  • climate, environment


  • and our future, one could say.


  • (Soft sound)


  • I was very inspired by youth movements,


  • how young people actually have organized themselves

    刺激を受けています 彼らが自発的にまとまり

  • in order to be heard.


  • For some time now,


  • I have in fact collaborated with young people --


  • they are the artists as well, in this case --

    彼らもまた 芸術家であり

  • to make a project "Earth Speakr,"

    今回この “Earth Speakr” (アース・スピーカー)という作品を共に作り

  • where we, the grown-ups, can listen to them.

    我々大人が彼らの声に 耳を傾けるられるようにしました

  • So join me in listening to them talking about the environment,


  • and about the climate, about the future,


  • and see what they have to say.


  • Girl 1: With "Earth Speakr," I can share my voice to anything I see.

    (女の子1)アース・スピーカーを使えば 目にする物全てに自分の声を投影できます

  • It's a platform for us to speak up and for the world to hear us.

    これは世界中に自分のメッセージを 送ることのできる仕掛けです

  • I could put a face on anything around me and say my message.

    周りにある物が表情を与えられ 私のメッセージを語ってくれます

  • Hey, excuse me, I can see you.

    「ねえ、あなた そこにいますね」

  • (Recorded voice) Hey, excuse me. I can see you.

    (録音)「ねえ、あなた そこにいますね」

  • Kids can be the experts.


  • When we come together, we can find the answers.


  • All you have to do is listen.


  • Boy 1: Fight for our future.


  • (Italian) Help me to live 1,000 years more.

    (イタリア語)もう後1000年 生きられるようになりたいな

  • (German) I am hungry!


  • Boy 2: It's our future, and it's getting hotter.


  • (Recorded voice) It's our future, and it's getting hotter.


  • If I see a message I like, I can share it with my friends and family.

    気に入ったメッセージを見つけた時は 友達や家族に見せます

  • Girl 2: It's so cool because we can share our voices,

    (女の子2)自分たちの声を 広められるのって素敵

  • we can hear others,

    他の子の話も聞けるので ひとりぼっちで 奮闘しているのではないとわかるから

  • and that's how we know that we're not alone in this fight.


  • And if enough of us make messages,


  • then the grown-ups will have to listen to us.


  • Then we can really make a change in the world.

    (ポーランド語) 水をかけて貰うまでは 干からびていたよ!

  • (Polish) I was so dry before I got watered!

    (ポルトガル語)僕は全てのおうちに ソーラーパネルがあっても良いと思うんだ!

  • (Portuguese) Hello! My message would be that all houses should have solar panels!

    (フランス語)地球に住んでいる ウィリーと申します

  • (French) Hey, I am Willy from the Earth!

    (女の子3)世界の全てが私くらい グリーンだったらどうでしょう

  • Girl 3: Imagine every place being as green as me.


  • This can be your future.


  • OE: See?


  • Their imagination is just so inspiring, I think,

    率直に言って私は彼らから希望を 与えてもらっているのです

  • and gives me hope also, frankly speaking.

    このアース・スピーカーでは 子供だけが語ることができます

  • So in "Earth Speakr," only kids can speak,

    大人はそれを聞く訳です 良いですね?

  • and the grown-ups are listening, right?

    大人に お願いがあります

  • Of course, I still have an ask for you,

    子供と一緒に Speakr のメッセージを 作りに行ってください

  • as a grown-up, go and make a Speakr message with a kid


  • and send it out into the world.

    「世界中が聞いてくれているんだ!」と 実感させてあげてください

  • Make sure that the kid feels "Wow! Somebody's listening to me."


  • Because if we do that,

    未来が正しい方向に向かって ゆくかもしれないからです

  • I think the future might be shaping in the right direction.


  • Thank you.

Transcriber: TED Translators Admin Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs

翻訳: Hiroshi Yasuda 校正: Natsuhiko Mizutani


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Kids are speaking up for the environment. Let's listen | Olafur Eliasson

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