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  • Good morning.


  • Good morning and welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater way.


  • Have a huge morning plan for you with some truly big announcements.


  • So I'm going to dispense of my usual updates and get right into it.


  • Beginning with the APP Storm, Apple just wrapped up its 2019 iPhone event on the company had a lot to announce.


  • Three.


  • Event kicked off with the company's spotlighting Apple Arcade, the company's new subscription gaming platform.

    イベントは、同社の新しいサブスクリプションゲームプラットフォームであるApple Arcadeにスポットライトを当てて行われました。

  • We are thrilled to launch Apple Arcade on the APP store.

    APPストアでApple Arcadeを発売できることに興奮しています。

  • Apple are Cave is the only place you can get unlimited access to over 100.

    Apple are Caveは100以上のアクセスが無制限にできる唯一の場所です。

  • Groundbreaking exclusive new games made for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

    iPhone、iPad、Mac、Apple TV用に作られた画期的な独占新作ゲーム。

  • It all starts with the APP stores.


  • Brand New arcade tab Konami could not be more excited to bring our title toe, Apple Arcade, Frogger and 29th.


  • Next step is legendary game studio Capcom with Shin Sekai into the debts we set out to create a beautiful yet treacherous underwater world.


  • Our last demo is from Annapurna Interactive, known for innovative games that break the mold.

    最後のデモは、型にはまらない革新的なゲームで知られるAnnapurna Interactiveのものです。

  • Sion are Wild Hearts is a fast paced neon pop music dreamscape.

    Sion are Wild Heartsは、テンポの速いネオンポップミュージックのドリームスケープです。

  • We like to think of it as a playable music video.


  • Mhm, these three talented partners joined so many more amazing developers bringing new games toe Apple Arcade.

    MHM、これらの3つの才能あるパートナーは、Apple Arcadeに新しいゲームをもたらす多くの素晴らしい開発者に参加しています。

  • This year, Apple Arcade is available starting on September 19th.

    今年は9月19日からApple Arcadeが登場しています。

  • Just 4 99 a month for the whole family on We're Launching with a one month pretrial.


  • Next up, let's talk about Apple TV.

    次はApple TVについてです。

  • Plus, like for All Mankind and Dickinson and The Morning Show.


  • Apple spotlighted one of the show's coming to the platform.


  • See, starring Jason Momoa.


  • Now these are just a few of the exclusive originals from the exciting Apple TV plus lineup.

    さて、これらはエキサイティングなApple TV plusのラインアップの中から、限定オリジナルのものをいくつかご紹介します。

  • Well, today we're excited to tell you that the first shows will be available on November 1st 4 99 per month for your whole family.


  • Starting today, when you buy an iPhone and iPad a macro and Apple TV, you'll get one year of Apple TV plus included for free.

    本日より、iPhoneとiPadのマクロとApple TVを購入すると、1年間のApple TVプラスが無料で同梱されています。

  • Now let's turn our attention to iPad.


  • Next, the company showed off its first surprise.


  • A new iPad.


  • We're incredibly excited about iPad OS and our entire iPad lineup.

    私たちは、iPad OSとiPadの全ラインナップに非常に興奮しています。

  • The new seventh generation iPad thanks.


  • IPad has a new, larger 10.2 inch retina display, and for the very first time.


  • Our new most popular iPad features the smart connector so you can effortlessly connect the optional full size smart keyboard.

    私達の新しい最も普及した iPad はスマートなコネクターを特色にします従って任意のフルサイズのスマートなキーボードを楽に接続できます。

  • You can quickly switch between multiple APS and slide over, or fan them out to pick the one you want.


  • You could even use the same app like notes across multiple spaces and paired with different app.


  • It's perfect for working on multiple projects, so now you can even connect your SD card or your thumb drive to quickly browse your photos and videos right in the files app.


  • So this is the new seventh generation iPad, 10.2 inch retina display support for apple pencil and a full size smart keyboard.


  • And, as you would expect, great cameras, sensors and ultra fast wireless, all packed into a thin and light design that's durable and ways out of pounds.


  • Since this new iPad will start at just $329 you can order it today, and it will start shipping at the end of month.

    この新しいiPadは、ちょうど329ドルで開始されますので、あなたは今日それを注文することができます, そしてそれは月末に出荷を開始します.

  • Next up, let's talk about Apple Watch.

    次はApple Watchについてです。

  • Apple didn't stop there.


  • Next, it was time for a new apple watch the next generation of Apple watch innovative new display that is always on with previous models of Apple Watch.

    次は、Apple Watchの前モデルで常にオンになっているApple Watchの革新的な新しいディスプレイの次世代の新しいアップルウォッチの時間でした。

  • When you lower your risk, the display would go completely dark.


  • But now, with serious five, you always be able to see your time, and complications were able to deliver this always on display while still maintaining the same all day, 18 hour battery life.


  • All of the watch faces have been carefully tuned for the new display.


  • A built in compass.


  • If now, with the updated maps app, you'll be able to see which way you're facing, just like on your iPhone.


  • Now, with Siri's five, every cellular model has international emergency calling, so you can call emergency services in over 150 countries around the world just by pressing and holding down the side.


  • But it stainless steel models come in gold space, black and polished, and we're introducing new models for the first time in titanium.


  • Here's five will be available in ceramic as well in this brilliant white color, with its always on display Compass International emergency calling on all the other great features like its swim proof, you could take an E c G fall detection Apple pay all the new features of watching us six.

    ここでは5つのセラミックでもこの鮮やかな白の色で利用可能になります、常にその水泳の証拠のような他のすべての偉大な機能で呼び出し表示コンパス国際緊急時には、あなたはE c G落下検出アップルを取ることができます私たち6を見てのすべての新機能を支払う。

  • It truly is the most capable Apple watch ever.


  • Siri's five GPS models will start a jest 3 99 on 4 99 for Cellular Model.


  • You'll be able to order Siri's five starting today, right after the keynote, and they'll be available in our stores starting September 20th.


  • We're also keeping the very popular Siri's three in the line and now, starting at a low price of just 1 99.


  • Next stop.


  • Let's talk about iPhone thing.


  • Of course, it wouldn't be an iPhone event without new iPhones.


  • This'll is iPhone 11, the next generation of iPhone, and it is jam packed with great new capabilities.

    このllはiPhone 11、次世代のiPhoneであり、それは素晴らしい新機能が詰まっています。

  • In an incredible new design, iPhone 11 has a beautiful anodized aluminum.

    信じられないほどの新しいデザインで、iPhone 11は美しいアルマイト処理を施したアルミニウムを採用しています。

  • Um, glass design in the glass that surrounds the camera has a sculpted three D geometry, and it was precision mill down from a single piece of glass.


  • To achieve this elegant look, iPhone 11 comes in six new colors within all new purple, white, yellow, green, black and product red.

    このエレガントな外観を実現するために、iPhone 11は、すべての新しい紫、白、黄色、緑、黒、製品の赤内の6つの新しい色で来る。

  • And now the 6.1 inch liquid retina display with true tone wide color taps away and haptic touch and even more places with Iowa's 13.


  • And now we have spatial Audio, which provides an immersive, theater like experience by creating a sound field around you.


  • And we support Dolby Atmos for an incredible sound experience.

    そして、Dolby Atmosをサポートして、信じられないほどのサウンド体験を実現しています。

  • We have an amazing dual camera system with an all new wide camera within new sensor, with 100% focused pixels for faster auto focus.


  • And we have a new ultra wide camera with 120 degree field of view.


  • So now when you're taking a wide camera shot, you'll see our new immersive camera interface that lets you see outside the frame, hinting at a bigger shot.


  • Then you can simply tap to switch to the ultra way, revealing more of your scene now works here in portrait mode, and people love taking portrait on iPhone 11.

    その後、あなたは単にタップしてウルトラ方法に切り替えることができ、あなたのシーンの詳細を明らかにすることができます今、ポートレートモードでここに動作し、人々はiPhone 11上でポートレートを取るのが大好きです。

  • This is for those very low light environment, like outdoors at night or inside a dimly lit restaurant.


  • Here's an image with nightmare turned off.


  • Here it is with night mo turn on.


  • So when taking video, you can easily tap to switch to the ultra wide camera to capture even more in your scene.


  • We also wanted to make it easier for you to take a quick video with quick take.


  • So now when you're taking photos and you decide you want to take a quick video, simply tap and hold the shutter button to record a video night mode.


  • A brighter flash next.


  • Gen Smart HDR and the highest quality video.


  • We've also updated our front true depth camera to a wider 12 megapixel sensor.


  • Now we've also added slow motion video to the front camera for the first time.


  • The A 13 bionic the next generation of our industry leading chip.

    A 13 バイオニックは、当社の業界をリードするチップの次世代型です。

  • So with the advancement in iPhone 11, it'll still have an hour more than battery that your iPhone 10 are for incredible satellite things we didn't even have time to talk about, like faster face.

    だから、iPhone 11の進歩で、それはまだあなたのiPhone 10は、私たちも高速な顔のように、話をする時間を持っていなかった信じられないほどの衛星のもののためのものであることをバッテリーよりも時間を持っているでしょう。

  • I'd water and dust Resistance wireless charging WiFi six and more.

    私は水とほこりの抵抗ワイヤレス充電WiFi 6以上を持っています。

  • So we're really excited to offer iPhone 11.

    ということで、iPhone 11を提供できるのは本当に楽しみです。

  • Just 6 99 way didn't stop there for our customers that want the most sophisticated technology that really pushes the limits we've created something truly special.


  • Thing is the iPhone 11 Crow.


  • This is an all new midnight green, very pro space gray, beautiful silver and a new goal.


  • These are incredible.


  • Let's talk about this pro display It comes in two sizes.


  • 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches.


  • They have the highest pixel density of any display Apple makes.


  • It's a new OLEDs panel that has two million toe one contrast ratio.


  • P three wide color true tone have to touch and now a much brighter up to 1200 knits.

    P 3ワイドカラーのトゥルートーンは、1200ニットにタッチして、今でははるかに明るいまで持っています。

  • Super Retina, XDR display.


  • You now get up to four hours longer in your day with iPhone 11 pro Max upto five hours longer in your day.

    あなたは今、あなたの一日の中でより長いiPhone 11プロマックスアップトゥ5時間であなたの一日の中でより長い4時間まで取得します。

  • We're also including our fast charge 18.


  • What adapter in the box to can charge them all faster to.


  • It has a new wide camera that has a fast F 1.8 aperture.


  • There's a new telephoto camera with a larger F 2.0 aperture Let's in 40% Mawr life and has a new ultra wide camera with its super wide, 120 degree field of view with the telephoto camera on the ultra wide usability to zoom into times and zoom out two times.

    そこに大きなF 2.0絞りLet's 40%のMawrの生活の中で、その超ワイド、120度の視野を持つ新しい超ワイドカメラを持っています 回にズームインし、2回ズームアウトするための超ワイドなユーザビリティの望遠カメラ。

  • That's a four x optical zoom range New wide, ultra wide telephoto cameras.


  • Ah, highest quality video ever.


  • Four times optical zoom, new, smarter HDR New night mode.


  • On and on.


  • It is an incredible we even have reached design the camera out.


  • There's a new font in it called SF Camera.


  • It is so pro you're gonna love using it.


  • There's APP Store has over 50.

    APP Storeは50以上あります。

  • That should be over 30,000 photo and video app so you can do just about anything.


  • Could imagine right on device to make a great app called filmic Pro.

    filmic Proという素晴らしいアプリを作るために、デバイス上で正しく想像することができました。

  • That makes it possible for award winning directors to push the boundaries of what's possible with cinematic filmmaking.


  • On iPhone.


  • We've divided the viewfinder into individual feeds, visualizing every field of view available.


  • But now you can shoot with multiple cameras at the same time, giving filmmakers even more options.


  • So this is iPhone 11 pro, in addition to the triple camera system, a 13 bionic, longer battery life, faster charging new designs.

    だから、これはiPhone 11プロ、トリプルカメラシステムに加えて、13バイオニック、より長いバッテリー寿命、より高速な新しいデザインを充電します。

  • There's also faster cellular better water resistance, stronger glass and so much more so.


  • IPhone 11 Pro will start at 9 99 an iPhone 11 pro max just $100 more at 10 99.

    IPhone 11 Proは、9 99で開始されます iPhone 11 Pro maxちょうど100ドル以上の10 99で。

  • You can pre order all of them starting this Friday at a new time.


  • 5 a.m. Pacific Daylight time, so they'll all start shipping on September 20th.


  • So this is our lineup of three new iPhones starting at 6 99 99 10 99.

    ということで、今回のラインナップは6 99 10 99からの3つの新型iPhoneです。

  • In addition to that, we're going to keep iPhone.


  • 10 are in the line, starting just 5 99 and iPhone eight at 4.

    10が並んでいて、ちょうど5 99から、iPhone 8が4でスタートしています。

  • 49.


  • What an exciting morning.


  • I hope you guys have had as much fun as I have way Couldn't be more proud of the product and services that we shared with you this morning.


  • Thank you.


  • And have a great day.


Good morning.



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