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  • Transcriber: TED Translators Admin Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs

  • What is net zero?

  • We release 55 gigatons of greenhouse gases into the air every year.

  • To stop global warming,

  • we have to get our greenhouse gas emissions down to zero.

  • But for every country to immediately shut down

  • all greenhouse gas-releasing activities

  • would be an enormous challenge,

  • especially since some countries

  • have built up an economic head start with no restrictions.

  • So instead, we can use an approach called net zero.

  • Net zero means that for every molecule of greenhouse gas we put into the air,

  • we also take one out,

  • making our net emissions zero.

  • Net zero requires us to make big changes today,

  • use less more efficiently,

  • and even bigger technological changes for the future,

  • like replacing all greenhouse gas-emitting activities with clean ones.

  • We'll also have to capture greenhouse gases from the air

  • and store them permanently.

  • And yet, net zero is our best chance for a sustainable future.

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Transcriber: TED Translators Admin Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs


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