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  • Hey, it's Brian Rose Just finishing up here with my weekly swim training, you know, as your next mayor of London.

    ブライアン・ローズだ 毎週の水泳トレーニングを終えたところだ 次期ロンドン市長としてな

  • Health First is one of my most important policies of my transform London 2020 plan.


  • And it's all about having a preventative look at health as opposed to wait until we get sick and going to the NHS and and really taxing the citizens with our ailments.


  • It's about being preventative about our health and making sure we build up a strong immunity.


  • Great nutrition, daily physical exercise, reduce smoking, reduce drinking so we can have the strongest, healthiest Londoners that we've ever seen.


  • And it will make a strong it will prevent us from getting disease.


  • Um will also save massive amounts of health care costs that we intend to rack up when we make poor choices about our lifestyle, our diet in our physical practice and one of things I really wanna push for our youngsters.


  • Andi, even for our elderly, is daily physical practice.


  • Whether we do that online via a yoga class or we run or we swim or martial arts or you name it, break dancing is you've seen me dio whatever we do we try to get some form of daily exercise, even if it's a walk through the park or in a green space?


  • Um that, and really trying to understand what makes good nutrition and trying to avoid certain foods?


  • Um, just getting the proper amount of sleep and just engaging in all sorts of really healthy activities that will also increase our mental health.


  • So this is big part of my transformed London 2021 plan, and it's what I'm going to do as your next mayor of London to really lead by example with health.

    だからこれは私の変換されたロンドン 2021 年の計画の大きな部分であり、それは私があなたの次の市長として本当に健康と例によってリードするためにロンドンの何をしようとしていることです。

  • You know, I see a lot of candidates talking about health, but you can see me.


  • I do this every single day.


  • You could go back through my YouTube videos on my instagram.


  • I did an Ironman race two years ago at the age of 47 on 100% plant based diet, So I'm constantly experimenting with my diet with my nutrition to try to make sure I could be the healthiest version of myself so I could be a good father so I could be a good leader, so I could be a good entrepreneur so I could be a good citizen.


  • It's all really, really important to me.


  • And it also just helps you mentally.


  • I think I come now to train just to make sure that I get a mental break and I'm fresh so I can conserve the world the best possible and serve my family and serve my community.


  • And so I want to find all sorts of innovative ways to get all Londoners active, healthy and eating, right, Sleeping right.


  • And also just trying to cut down on drinking and smoking and drug use is well, that stuff always leads to a sad story at the end.


  • You've probably heard my story when it comes to substance abuse.


  • I've gone in deep about that as well and something something I'm very hyper aware of.


  • And I understand that it's something that, as humans, we are going to struggle with.


  • And so those are some of my health policies in my health.


  • First initiative.


  • If you wanna learn more, you can go to our website and look, I'm excited for the next six months to tell you more about my policies for London.


  • Um, I'll be training all the time.


  • You can follow me on my instagram pages or other social media accounts and just get out there and get active.


  • London has so many great options.


  • You can always run outdoors.


  • There's calisthenics, there's martial arts, There's dance, there's all sorts of things you could do.


  • So let's get healthy.


  • Let's show our Children and grandchildren what a healthy London looks like.


  • And let's show the world what a world class city we really are.


  • Let's show them the leadership of fortitude, that indomitable spirit that Winston Scriptural spoke about.


  • Let's show them that we can lead the world when it comes to a city getting back to work, getting healthy, putting education first and putting science first when we make our decisions, Um, in response to the virus.

    私たちが世界をリードできることを 彼らに示しましょう 仕事に復帰して健康になり 教育を第一に考え 科学を第一に考えて 決断を下す時に ウイルスに反応して

  • So thank you so much.


  • I look forward to serving you more.


Hey, it's Brian Rose Just finishing up here with my weekly swim training, you know, as your next mayor of London.

ブライアン・ローズだ 毎週の水泳トレーニングを終えたところだ 次期ロンドン市長としてな


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