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  • Hi everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's


  • question is about the th sound everyone's favorite and it is how do I


  • say the word thief or a person who steals and teeth your pearly whites


  • let's go ahead and take a look so we have the word thief and the word teeth

    先に見ていきましょう 泥棒と歯という言葉があります

  • and I wrote them on this side of the board so that you can see the sounds


  • that you're supposed to be making and you can focus on that instead of the


  • spelling so for the word thief we're going to start with that th sound the th

    泥棒という単語のスペルは th の音から始まります。

  • sound here is voiceless meaning your voice box is not moving and your throat


  • is not vibrating you are going to stick your tongue out of your mouth and do not


  • touch your teeth yes technically the sides of your tongue can touch your

    あなたの歯に触れる はい、技術的にあなたの舌の側面はあなたに触れることができます。

  • teeth but for most of my students when I say this they cheat and then they really


  • touch the teeth and then what happens is no air can come out of your mouth and it


  • sounds like a t so make sure your tongue is down away from your front


  • teeth so the air can move out for that th sound next smile because the th is


  • finished and saythe long e sound and then end with the F sound and to do this


  • you're going to have open lips you can slightly bite the inside of the bottom


  • teeth if you want and some people bite their bottom lip for this sound and


  • you're going to make sure that that air keeps coming out ff ff or ff ff let's put it all


  • together thief thief thief thief this word is super difficult for some


  • people because instead of a th sound I hear some people make an F sound so


  • really take your time with this start with that th sound move to the long e


  • and then end with that F theif the next word teeth going to start by

    そして、そのF theifで終わります 次の単語の歯が開始するつもりです。

  • touching the tip of the tongue to the back of the top front teeth


  • and then you're going to move to that long e sound and then stick your tongue

    それから長いE音に移行して 舌を出すんだ

  • out of your mouth for the th and you know the drill


  • try not to touch your teeth because when you do this it stops the air and it's


  • going to sound like a T sound and we don't want that teeth teeth teeth teeth

    ♪Tの音のように聞こえるだろうし ♪歯の歯の歯の歯の歯の歯のようには聞こえないだろう

  • for both of these words please take your time


  • this word is difficult because some people say a T sound instead of a th and


  • again for a thief some people say F instead of th so really take your time


  • focus on that th sound let's try those both again thief thief thief teeth teeth

    thの音に集中して もう一度両方試してみよう泥棒泥棒泥棒歯の歯の歯

  • teeth the thief was missing his two front teeth the thief was missing his

    ♪泥棒は前歯を二本失った ♪泥棒は前歯を失った ♪泥棒は前歯を失った

  • two front teeth give it a try people are definitely going to notice the

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  • thank you all so much and I hope to see you again soon


Hi everybody Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's



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THIEF & TEETHの発音の仕方 - アメリカ英語発音レッスン (How to Pronounce THIEF & TEETH - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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