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  • While Donald Trump continues to tweet his way

  • through his coronavirus recovery his support in the country

  • appears to be cratering.

  • When the president first announced

  • he had caught Covid-19 there was a great deal of uncertainty

  • as to how the public would react.

  • His advisers hoped he would recover quickly and emerge

  • to speak with a greater authority about the disease he

  • himself had contracted.

  • But if they were hoping he would strike

  • a more sober tone about the pandemic

  • those hopes were quickly dashed.

  • Instead the president checked out early from hospital,

  • took a helicopter ride back to the White House,

  • and promptly removed his mask to record

  • a video telling Americans not to be afraid of the virus.

  • He has since spent much of the last couple of days

  • tweeting furiously, including launching attacks

  • on some of his own senior officials,

  • people like his Attorney General Bill Barr,

  • and the head of the Food and Drug Administration, Steven

  • Hahn.

  • If the president is hoping that this show of strength

  • will impress voters, the opposite appears to be true.

  • We are now seeing the results of the first polls conducted

  • partly or mostly after Mr Trump's coronavirus diagnosis,

  • and they don't make great reading for the president.

  • A national poll by CNN showed him

  • 14 points behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden,

  • while a host of polls by Quinnipiac University

  • shows him behind in key battleground states.

  • He is apparently now 13 points behind in Pennsylvania,

  • 11 points behind in Florida, and 5 points behind in Iowa.

  • A lot can happen of course in the remaining four

  • weeks of the campaign, and these are only single polls.

  • But if the president is hoping to turn his bout of coronavirus

  • into an electoral asset he may have to change his tone.

While Donald Trump continues to tweet his way


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トランプ氏のコビド回復は、低迷する世論調査の数字を押し上げるのか? DC日記 (Will Trump's Covid recovery boost his flagging poll numbers? DC Diary)

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