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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question


  • today's question is a rather long one I have a lot of words for you so I'm going


  • to skip the definitions because we want to jump right into the lesson and the


  • lesson today is about two things the long e versus the short i sound and the


  • N nnn versus the m mmm sound at the end of

    の最後にN nnn対M m mmmの音が出ます。

  • words so let's look at the word list that we have for today we have the word scene


  • and seen and sin seem and seam and sim which is short for simulation so let's

    and seen and sin seem and seam and simはシミュレーションの略です。

  • look first at the ending sounds the M versus the n this gets super confusing


  • for my students because in many languages the n sound is the only


  • sound that can end a word that is a nasal which means the sound is coming


  • out of your nose you do have nasals in many other languages like the M sound


  • but typically that sound comes at the beginning of a word so my students get


  • really confused with this ending so for the n sound the air is going to come


  • out of your nose and you are going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back


  • of your top front teeth nnn nnn nnn for the M sound mmm your lips are just

    上の前歯の音がMの音になるように 唇の形を整えて

  • going to be closed and the air is going to come out of your mouth so again the


  • difference is nnnn vs. mmm mmm easy breezy right now for the long e versus

    違いはnnnnn vs. mmmmm mmm 今は簡単な風のように長いe vs.

  • the short I sound for the long e your tongue is going to be high in your mouth

    The short I sound for the long e your tongue is going to be high in your mouth.

  • and flat it's going to be behind your top teeth e your lips are going to be in


  • a smile and they're going to be tense E e then for the ih sound which is a


  • little bit less tense your mouth is going to be relaxed and your


  • lips are going to then just relax and pull in a bitso we have e-ih -e-ih -e-ih you can


  • see that difference tense versus relaxed really pulled back only versus slightly

    その違いを参照してください 緊張した対リラックスした本当に戻ってわずかに対してのみ引っ張られた

  • pulled back the tongue will go from E way at the top way up here to ih e Ih e ih I like

    舌を引っ込めれば 舌はEの道から上の道を上って ここからIh e Ih e Ih e Ih Ih I like.

  • to tell my students don't really think about moving your tongue think about

    舌を動かそうと思ってはいけないと 生徒に伝えるためには

  • moving your lips in your mouth and that really is going to help your tongue get


  • into the right spot so think about those lips e ih e ih so again let's remember the N nnn


  • and the M mmm okay let's put it all together we're gonna start these words

    "そして" "M" "わかったわ" "すべてをまとめて...." "この言葉を始めましょう

  • it's just the S sound super easy breezy just tongue is either behind the top of


  • your teeth or pointed down into the bottom of your mouth


  • don't touch anything and just let that air move out of your mouth ssss so for the


  • first two words we have seen seen seen sin sin sin seem sin and then for


  • seam seam seam Sim Sim Sim let's try it backwards sim seam sin seen seen sin

    シーム シーム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム シム

  • seam sim so give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference if

    seam simなので、私は人々が違いに気づくだろうと知っているので、それを試してみてください。

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hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question



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SEEM SEAM SIM SCENE SEEN SINの発音の仕方 - ロングE、ショートi、M、N - 英語の発音の仕方 (How to Pronounce SEEM SEAM SIM SCENE SEEN SIN - Long E, Short i, M, N - English Pronunciation)

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