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  • "And the breeder wants to surrender it, because

  • they don't have time to care for it.

  • Will you raise him?"

  • I said,

  • But a lot of our puppies defy all the odds.

  • It was just a lot more work than a normal puppy.

  • To figure out if this leg was going to affect him

  • and how to feed him.

  • It was very difficult to get him to ingest formula.

  • Normally they just suck on the bottle.

  • Ellery, it took a lot more coaxing.

  • We just kept at it and we kept slugging away

  • and he kept trying.

  • All of his milestones were delayed.

  • He was like 3 and a half weeks before his eyes opened.

  • Which is REALLY unusual.

  • We all watched to see if his 5th leg

  • was going to grow with him.

  • As he was a baby, they grew

  • alongside his other legs with him.

  • So when he first started to walk, it would kind of drag.

  • And then he grew a little bit taller, and a little bit taller

  • and it would be off the floor.

  • and just wanted to be in the thick of things.

  • One of the reasons why he's not adopted, isn't because

  • nobody wants him.

  • It's because we have been very specific

  • about who gets him, because of his special needs.

  • [We] would really like for him to stay in Los Angeles

  • or at least southern California.

  • Very recently, Ellery had to have his [extra] leg removed

  • because it was rubbing on his other leg

  • because it just dangled and it rubbed on him,

  • but health-wise, he's very healthy.

  • Just don't give up, because so many people

  • didn't want to try and,

  • just keep going.

  • Just keep going,

  • because what do you have to lose?

  • And you have everything to gain.

"And the breeder wants to surrender it, because


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