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  • Hello, this is Jack from,

  • and in this video, I'm going to talk about a mistake

  • I see English learners make when looking for speaking practice online

  • and what you can do instead to get the practice you need

  • so keep watching!

  • So, as an online English teacher

  • with a popular website for English learners, I received emails

  • every day and very often I receive emails like this...

  • The problem with posting messages

  • like this is you're not going to get a response

  • you're not going to find people to practice with you

  • This is because people don't know you yet

  • and they haven't built a relationship with you and online teachers

  • aren't going to just meet you on Skype for 20 minutes

  • just to talk. But there's something that you can do

  • to get the practice you need, and this is going to take

  • a change of approach. If you're sending messages like the one

  • I showed before. It's all about a different approach

  • and this is: to build relationships slowly,

  • get to know people, be interesting,

  • and then ask people to Skype.

  • So, pen pal world is a site that English learners use

  • to try and find people to practice their English with.

  • Now, instead of writing those messages we talked about before

  • this is what you can do instead: Firstly, write a

  • profile about yourself that is interesting to read; something that just

  • doesn't say,

  • "Hi, I'm David I want to practice my English."

  • Instead, write something more interesting about yourself

  • Then you can search people who have similar

  • interests to you, send them a message

  • introducing yourself, and then also ask them a couple questions

  • to get to know each other a little bit more. After doing that you can build

  • your relationship

  • up slowly, get to know this person, and then

  • when the time is right, ask them if they want to Skype with you.

  • Now, you can use this approach not just on pen pal world

  • but you can use on Facebook and Google+ ... any kind of learning forum or social media

  • website

  • that you use. The best thing about it is not just that you're going to get

  • speaking practice

  • but you're also going to build up relationships

  • with people who have the same interests as you

  • Now, here is one last tip: think about ways that you can help

  • English speakers with what you're an expert in

  • For example, I once needed help on my website

  • and someone in my English learning community helped me with this...

  • they got english-speaking practice and I got something out of the relationship too

  • because this person helped me with my website. So, think about ways that you can

  • help other people

  • and be useful for other people too. So,

  • what I want you to do now is this : underneath this video

  • I want you to write an introduction to yourself; two to four sentences

  • talking about who you are, what you're interested in, and who you would like to

  • meet.

  • and then click here to learn more

  • about this method and to get your free download.

  • So, thanks for watching and I'll see you next time!

Hello, this is Jack from,


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