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  • The New Context Conference this year had a Reg Tech theme.


  • It discussed competition versus regulation.

    レギュテックというのを テーマにされて

  • Let's return to a focal point of regulation.

    今 競争なのか規制なのかという お話もあって

  • What motivated you to think Japan has to be pinpoint for regulational context?


  • I think there are two points.


  • We have the topic of the EU GDPR for platforms.

    これを日本にも文脈として 打ち込まなければいけないと思われたのは

  • A lot of people have in fact been hurt by blockchains.


  • We must consider protecting novices and investors.


  • Each country is looking for balance.


  • Reg Tech is the other interesting one.

    ヨーロッパのGDPRとかが 出てきてるという話と

  • Not much could be done on the Internet in its infancy.


  • Wired was like that too.

    かなり今 被害者が出ているので

  • The business model was the Internet.

    インベスターのことを 分かっていない人たちは

  • Marketing agencies were selling the Internet.


  • Magazines were sold next.


  • Bitcoin and blockchains are today's commodities.

    もう1つ このレギュテックが面白いのは

  • The big concern is regulation.


  • Countries want to gain the technical understanding.

    あんまりインターネット上で 何にもできなかったんで

  • I think we will see rapid development in technologies for such regulation.


  • GAFA may become a layer above these technologies as platforms.

    インターネットについて語ることしか ビジネスモデルがなかった

  • Some countries may offer cross-national services to handle this as platforms.


  • What role do you think nations will take?

    インターネットのものを 売ってる広告代理店と

  • Nations have the police or military.


  • Both have authority for physical force.

    で 今は

  • Nations also have land and taxes.

    ビットコインとか ブロックチェーンとか出ているけれども

  • So, anything in the real world is done through the nation as the landlord.

    結構気にしているのは 国の規制機関なんですよ

  • The nation may have a monopoly on physical force.

    彼らは技術的にどうやって これを理解していくのかというので

  • The Internet has the potential for a different type of power.


  • Quite large companies in modern times are able to sway national interests.

    結構早く開発されていくのでは ないかという気もするんですね

  • They can lobby and create laws.


  • Nations are already in a struggle with various other entities over power.

    段々とプラットフォームとして 上のレイヤーになってきた時に

  • Will a major entity with force able to regulate form outside of a nation?

    あるいはある程度国家を 横断してしまうサービスなり

  • There are philosophical entities active out there like the United Nations.

    プラットフォームというのが これから出てきた時に

  • However, the member nations have power not the United Nations.

    国家の役割をどのように ご覧になっていますか?

  • Members debate their interests with only few advocating for all.


  • Terrorists are the closest entity, but not nearly as organized as a nation.


  • ISIS will not see that power.


  • A movement could generate power beyond a nation.


  • The US #MeToo for instance.


  • A more organized version is Time's Up.

    だからリアルワールドで 何かしなくてはいけない時には

  • These movements can spread worldwide and organize.

    やっぱり国家という 大家さんみたいなものがいて

  • These structures could innovate and overturn the male society globally.

    そして物理的な暴力は 国家が独占してたとしても

  • Millennials give you hope.


  • Yes. Their generation is strong.

    また他のところが持つ可能性も 出てくると思うんで

  • The communication is excellent and we see many types of movements recently.


The New Context Conference this year had a Reg Tech theme.



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