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  • Hi there Psych2Goers, welcome back to another video.

    どうも、Psych2Goer (サイクトゥーゴーアー) の皆さん。再びご覧いただきありがとうございます。

  • Before we start, we'd like to thank you for all of the support you've given us.


  • Psych2Go's mission is to make psychology and mental health more accessible to everyone.

    Psych2Go (サイクトゥーゴー) のミッションは、心理学や心の病のことを、皆さんにとってもっと身近なものにすること。

  • So, let's begin.


  • Have you ever compared your handwriting with your friends to see how different it is?


  • Like fingerprints, no two share the same handwriting.

    指紋のように、筆跡というものはこの世に 2 つとありません。

  • The way you loop, cross and dot your letters can actually say a lot about your personality and mindset.


  • Although handwriting analysis isn't foolproof, it can still give you some insights into yourself.


  • Try writing out a sentence.

    1 つ文を書き出してみましょう。

  • We suggest: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

    おすすめは次の文。”The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

  • Then keep watching this video to see what your handwriting says about you.


  • Number one: the size of your handwriting.

    1. 字の大きさ

  • Did you know that the size of your handwriting can represent the level of self-esteem and self-awareness you have?


  • It's one of the more reliable things to look out for, since it doesn't change too often over time.


  • Large handwriting may show that you're outgoing, people-oriented and that you want to feel understood and noticed.


  • On the other hand, small handwriting may mean that you're shy, detail-oriented and meticulous.


  • Handwriting that is average in size shows that you're well adjusted and adaptable.


  • Two: spacing between words.


  • Do you leave a large gap between your words when you write?


  • According to a study by Klein, the distance between two words can show how close or how far you feel towards other people.


  • If you write with wide spacing and gaps between your words, then it may signify that you enjoy your freedom and dislike being overwhelmed.


  • On the other hand, leaving a narrow spacing between words may describe those who dislike being alone.


  • Three: slanting of the words.

    3. 文字が斜めになる

  • Did you know that the slant in your handwriting can tell what personal qualities you have?


  • The tendency to slant to the right means you're sentimental, open to new experiences and you're someone who highly values their friends and family.


  • While slanting to the left may show that you're more introspective, reserved and you're someone who prefers to work behind the scenes.


  • If you write without slanting at all, then you tend to be logical, practical and pragmatic.


  • Number four: How are you dotting your "i"s?

    4. ”i” の点の付け方は?

  • How you dot your ”i”s can say a lot about you.

    小文字の”i” の点の付け方で書く人の多くについてがわかります。

  • Adding your dot way above the i shows you have a great imagination, while adding the dot right over the i shows that you may be more detail-oriented, organized and empathetic in what you say or do.


  • If you use a slash instead of a dot, then you may be overly self-critical and have little patience for inadequacy.


  • And adding circles instead of dots signals a childlike curiosity and a want to be a visionary.


  • Number five: the way you cross your t's.

    5. ”t” のクロスのさせ方

  • Similarly, the way you cross your t's can be telling of your ability and persistence to achieve your goals.

    同様に、”t” のクロスのさせ方で、書く人の能力や目標達成のための粘り強さが分かります。

  • Crossing at the top of the t indicates that you have good self-esteem and are ambitious and you set big goals.


  • If the cross is in the middle, then you tend to be confident and feel comfortable in your skin.


  • Long crosses show that you are determined and enthusiastic, even if you may be stubborn at times.


  • While short crosses show that you may lack the determination to complete tasks.


  • And number six: type of margins.

    6. 余白の残し方

  • Do you leave a large or narrow margin when you write?


  • The amount of space you leave can say a lot about your outlook and attitude towards life.


  • The width of the left margin represents your view of the past, so a narrow left margin shows that you base most of your actions and views on your past experiences.


  • While a wide left margin shows that you are keen to move on from your past to embrace the future and be open to new experiences.


  • Similarly, the right margin can be telling of your attitude to the future.


  • If you leave a narrow right margin, then you tend to embrace the future and are sociable and adaptable.


  • Whereas a wide right margin shows that you're more cautious about the future and prefer the current stability you have.


  • So what did you find out about your handwriting?


  • Tell us about it in the comments below.


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  • Thanks for watching and we'll see you in our next video.


Hi there Psych2Goers, welcome back to another video.

どうも、Psych2Goer (サイクトゥーゴーアー) の皆さん。再びご覧いただきありがとうございます。

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