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  • Once specimens come in -- after we do a heat and activation phase to break the

  • viral envelope -- they get centrifuged right over here... on the specimen prep table.

  • We put them in racks. And then they're ready to go over here.

  • This is our liquid sample handler. What this allows us to do is... allows us to process a high input of samples

  • Accurately and precisely. Most hospital labs, or even research labs, are doing this process manually.

  • Which is what is taking such a long time for these tests to happen.

  • We have another phase after this extraction is done that we're gonna add our primers

  • and probes at which helps identify this particular virus and then we bring them...

  • This area is a much cleaner area. So I'm not going to let you step too far.

  • But these devices over here, are our real-time thermocycles

  • This is where a real-time PCR is occurring and this is where we did get 'detected' or

  • 'not detected' for this particular virus. This area right over here is internal control area.

  • That's... that area is for the validity of our asset. This is a re-agent barrier,

  • and this is a results processing area. Every area is dedicated and has dedicated equipment to ensure

  • we don't have any type of cross-contamination. Whether it be from samples or the examples, or re-agent,

  • or personnel.

Once specimens come in -- after we do a heat and activation phase to break the


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COVID-19試験はどんな試験ですか。- COVID-19試験ラボの内部 (What does COVID-19 Testing Look Like? - Inside Our COVID-19 Testing Lab)

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