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  • A need for more manpower upon america's deeper involvement in the vietnam war

  • 1965 made president johnson bring in conscription now young men who are not considering military

  • service would consider whether they might get picked to fight in the vietnam conflict

  • across the globe

  • while two-thirds of americans volunteered during the vietnam war the other third would be drafted all males aged

  • 18 to 26 were required to register for the draft the names of american men of draft age were recorded by the selective service system

  • when called out by the local draft board which was often composed of veterans he would be

  • Evaluated on whether he would be drafted in the military or not the local board's decisions were often seen as unfair

  • most of the men chosen were from poor and working-class backgrounds people of color and people from rural towns and farming communities

  • draft boards would frequently defer middle class men who they would see as having valuable futures and the upper classes were barely drafted at all

  • there were many ways in which draftees could be deferred or exempt from the draft

  • For example men who were medically unfit men who were married with children for students at college

  • Men who had held college deferments were eligible for induction until age 35 but as

  • few men between the ages of 26 and 35 were ever drafted they could maintain a college deferment until they're 26

  • birthday and avoid service altogether

  • some draft resisters could be put in jail for refusing to fight in the war

  • They broke the law by escaping the draft by refusing to turn up to the local board or fleeing to canada

  • Those who are opposed to the draft became known as draft dodgers

  • When the war started they were seen as cowards but as the war dragged on in opposition to the draft grew public attitude was more

  • sympathetic the draft process changed in late 1969 to make it fairer as a result of a public discontent a

  • draft lottery was created for

  • 366 blue plastic capsules each containing a birthdate in the year were dumped into a large glass container

  • The capsules were then drawn out open and announced one by one nervously watched on national television by young men born from

  • 1944 to 1950 the first state announced was september 14 so all registrants with that birthday were assigned lottery number one

  • men with lower numbers were called first and had to report

  • to induction centers where they could be sent to the vietnam war the fourth and final lottery drawing was held on february 2nd

  • 1972 and those announced who would have been called to induction in

  • 1973 however president nixon shifted to an all-volunteer force ending the draft in the vietnam war

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A need for more manpower upon america's deeper involvement in the vietnam war


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ベトナム戦争の徴兵制 (The Vietnam War Draft)

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