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  • This is a little intimidating, I'm not gonna lie like I'm gonna get like the shit beat out of me like


  • This is gonna be weird. This is gonna be weird.


  • [We asked Anshul to swipe through 30 of his potential matches live in person]

    [We asked Anshul to swipe through 30 of his potential matches]

  • I've used a couple, everything from Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble.

    いくつかは使ったことあるよ。TinderにCoffee meets Bagel、Bumbleとかね。

  • I don't think it's weird to meet someone online


  • I think it's more you just you know, go into it open and with the possibility of meeting someone cool.


  • Jesus fucking Christ.


  • This is a little intimidating, I'm not gonna lie. I feel like I'm gonna get the shit beat out of me like.


  • - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, I'm Emily. - Anshul. - Anshul!

    ーはじめまして。  ーはじめまして、私はエミリー。 ーアンシュルだ。 ーアンシュル!

  • - Jasmine. - Anshul, nice to meet you. - Anshul?

    ージャスミンよ。 ーアンシュルです、はじめまして。 ーアンシュル?

  • - It's like enchilada.


  • - Hello. Nice to meet you. Catherine - Nice to meet you, What's your name? Catherine

    ーこんにちは。はじめまして、キャサリンです。 ーはじめまして。お名前は?キャサリン。

  • - I'm Gloria - Gloria, Anshul, Nice to meet you

    ーグロリアです。 ーグロリアね。アンシュルだよ。はじめまして。

  • - Jasmine - Jasmine, Anshul, Nice to meet you. - Anshul.

    ージャスミンよ。 ージャスミン、アンシュルだよ。はじめまして。 ーアンシュル。

  • - What's your name? - Kathy, nice to meet you. - Kathy. Anshul, nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, Anshul.

    ーお名前は? ーキャシーです。はじめまして。 ーキャシーね。アンシュルです。はじめまして。 ーはじめまして、アンシュル。

  • Cool. So how's your weekend been? How have you been?


  • So, I guess like first question: would you spend three hours on the moon or three months in Europe?


  • - Three months in Europe.


  • Three months in Europe, really?


  • - I like, don't usually date so I'm like okay... - Really? - Yeah

    ーその、私あんまりデートしないから、まいっかって・・・ ー本当に? ーええ。

  • - Yeah - That's awesome. Are you from LA or Huntington Beach area originally?

    ーええ。 ーそれはいいね。元々ロサンゼルスかハンティントンビーチエリア出身なの?

  • - Yeah, I live kind of in the USC, I'm a grad student there so... - Ahhh...

    ーええ、USC(南カリフォルニア大学)に住んでる感じね。そこの大学院生だから・・・ ーあー。

  • - What are you interested in or trying to go towards? - Um, towards the Arts.

    ー何に興味があるの?もしくは、何に向かってるの? ーええと、アートね。

  • - I actually haven't been with my family for a really long time? -Oh, okay. Okay.

    ー実は長いこと家族と一緒に過ごしてないの。 ーああ、そうなんだ。

  • - Yeah so this is like totally out of my comfort zone [Wow]. I don't-I don't do this. So I'm like... - I feel very special, I thank you - Yeah!

    ーええ、だからこれは本当に私のコンフォートゾーン外のことね。(へえ)こんなことしないから、ちょっと・・・ ー自分が特別に感じるよ。ありがとう。 ーええ。

  • - That's good. Do you play any sports? - Ah, I used to be a swimmer. Yeah.

    ーいいわね。スポーツはするの? ーあー、水泳をしてたよ。

  • - That's like when I was 12 - Hold up, you had a blog when you were 12? That's insane - Yeah

    ーそれは、私が12歳くらいのときね。 ー待って。12の時にブログを持ってたの?クレイジーだ。 ーええ。

  • - I love Indian food, I'm just putting that out there. - No, I do too. I love it

    ーインド料理が大好き。ただその話をしただけなんだけど。 ーいやいや、僕もだよ。大好きだ。

  • - You never know what's gonna like - what's gonna happen, like, yeah - yeah, if they're gonna leave or if he's gonna stay or not. And it's like both are scary. - Yeah.

    ーどうなるかわからないし。  ー何が起こるかわからないよね。 ーええ。いなくなっちゃうのか、いてくれるのかね。それからお互いに怖がってるでしょ。 ーそうだね。

  • - Well, it was great meeting you. - Nice meeting you too. - Good seeing you.

    ー会えてよかったよ。 ーこちらこそ。 ー会えてよかった。

  • - Awesome. Cool. It was great meeting you. - Thank you. Nice to meet you. - Have a good one. - You too.

    ーいいね。会えてよかった。 ーありがとう。こちらこそ。 ー元気でね。 ーあなたも。

  • - Have a good one.


  • - Have a good time. - You too.

    ー楽しんで。 ーあなたも。

  • Stress of dates, you know. Oh boy


  • Choose one person right now?


  • That's hard I mean like I feel like this is the part where the dating life goes into the real world, right


  • Like how do you make that kind of decision?


  • Hello again, hello


  • Nice to see you yet again. Yeah


  • Cool, so I had a really great time talking to you. I'd love the chance if you'd like to see me again sometime


  • I'd love to take you on a date maybe like next weekend?


  • - I would love that... yes. - Yeah, let's do it - Yes, perfect.

    ーいいわね。ええ。 ーじゃあ、そうしよう。  ーええ、完璧よ。

  • Okay, cool. I'll send you some times. Let me get your number real quick.


  • Here you go.


  • It's...


  • ... strange, strange. It's interesting that we do this all the time and like I've definitely done this multiple times on my phone


  • but...


  • ... It's definitely weird when you're in person, you're like, oh I have to do this to you right now. Ah...


  • definitely...


  • I feel like it's so different from dating in real life or even dating generally. It's... generally takes a lot longer, a lot more...


  • ... talking, a lot more understanding but this was like Oh done in five seconds


  • That's so straight so you can judge a whole person in five seconds


This is a little intimidating, I'm not gonna lie like I'm gonna get like the shit beat out of me like



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