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  • If you choose to give into anxiety, does it help you?

  • What good's it going to do you?

  • It's wasted energy.

  • It's wasted.

  • It's wasted, everything's wasted in it.

  • You will reap, if you give into anxiety you will reap fear, condemnation, discouragement.

  • I could name probably twenty other things anxiety will bring.

  • So, anxiety is a wasted choice that dishonors your Savior.

  • So if we learn to say, I am not yielding to anxiety.

  • My Lord has told me in Philippians 4:6 the response is prayer.

  • Father, You know what I feel right now.

  • Faith is not denying the presence of fear.

  • It's facing it, and it's turning to the Lord and addressing it.

  • Father, You know I'm afraid right now.

  • That's what I did about that surgery.

  • Father, You know I'm afraid right now.

  • Help me right now.

  • And I would use God's truth.

  • And the fear would dissolve.

  • Peace would come.

  • So, be anxious for nothing, but in everything...

  • It's a learned habit.

  • It's a spiritual discipline.

  • You replace and you defeat fear with a response of trust.

  • Father, here's what I'm fearing, but I'm giving this to You.

  • I thank You with thanksgiving, I thank You that You're sovereign.

  • You rule over this.

  • Take care of this.

  • I'm asking You for this.

  • And then, Paul said, the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

  • Turning to the truth and promises must be our response.

If you choose to give into anxiety, does it help you?


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不安は時間の無駄です - マックトムリンソン (Anxiety is a Waste of Time - Mack Tomlinson)

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