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  • Ludwig van

  • Beethoven is undoubtably one of the greatest composers of all time

  • However, he was well known for being deaf quite a challenge considering his profession

  • Beethoven was not born deaf and there are many theories about how he became one

  • some of them were his practice of dunking his head in a pail of ice-cold water to keep him awake his claim of

  • Suffering a fit of rage when someone interrupted him at work

  • And he also blamed gastrointestinal problems as he was never in the best of health

  • None of them were proven at the age of 26 Beethoven's hearing became steadily weaker

  • He tried to keep it secret from everyone for fear of ruining his career at 44

  • He was almost totally deaf, but Beethoven's compositional methods were fully developed by then

  • He was able to audiate which was the ability to hear a musical score without it being played in spite of his disability

  • Beethoven continued to compose extraordinary music in joy to this day

Ludwig van


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ベートーヴェンの耳が聞こえない話 (Beethoven's Deafness Story)

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