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  • There are more than 30,000 Starbucks locations worldwidein grocery stores, airports, and, of course, its many standalone locations.

    世界中に 30,000 以上、スターバックスの店舗があります。—食料品店、空港、そしてもちろん、その独立した店舗です。

  • Chances are, you've stopped into a Starbucks with your stomach grumbling and picked up one of the hearty breakfast options.


  • But perhaps that isn't the best idea at the end of the day.


  • If you stop to consider how quickly Starbucks serves up its meals, it becomes obvious that the cafe could almost be considered a fast-food restaurant.


  • Many fast-food establishments rely on frozen food, and Starbucks is really no different.


  • Many of us keep frozen meals in our freezers, but perhaps it's not terribly wise to pay nearly $5 for a frozen sandwich when you could microwave your own at home for less than a dollar.

    私たちの多くは冷凍食品を冷凍庫に保管していますが、1ドル未満で自宅の自分の電子レンジで調理できる場合、冷凍サンドイッチに 5 ドル近く支払うのは全く賢明ではありません。

  • Beyond the cost issue, some freshly heated Starbucks sandwiches can stay frozen for a while.


  • In a small Listeria recall in March 2016, it was noted that one type of sandwich was marked "best by" August, so, that's 5 months later.

    2016 年 3 月のリステリア菌の小さなリコールで、あるタイプのサンドイッチが賞味期限を 8 月までとされていたことが指摘されました。つまり、5ヶ月後ということです。

  • "The item in question is the Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar Cheese English McMuffin called The Sausage Classic on the menu."


  • If that's somehow not enough to make you stop eating breakfast at Starbucks, there are other troubling factoids to consider.


  • Panera wanted to crush its breakfast competition and did some investigating into how Starbucks cooks its eggs.


  • What they found might finally turn you off from Starbucks breakfast for good.


  • According to Business Insider, Panera asked the FDA to create an official definition of eggs after finding additives like artificial butter flavors, gums, and fake colors in the so-called "eggs" served at various restaurants, and yes, Starbucks happened to be one of them.

    Business Insider によると、パネラは、さまざまなレストランで提供されるいわゆる「卵」に人工バターフレーバー、ガム、偽色などの添加物を見つけた後、FDA に卵の公式定義を作成するように依頼しました。そうです、スターバックスはたまたまそのうちの 1 つでした。

  • Apparently when Starbucks serves up those unusually fluffy and suspiciously perfect eggs, it's because they're really serving up eggs, soybean oil, modified food starch, whey solids, salt, nonfat dry milk, and citric acid.


  • Yes, Starbucks' breakfast sandwiches do contain some real eggs, but all those added ingredients should make you pause and consider what you're actually eating.


  • Starbucks breakfast items like the Spicy Chorizo, Monterey Jack & Egg Breakfast Sandwich can certainly be tempting, but according to Eat This Not That, you'd be better off eating 17 strips of bacon than one of these sandwiches.

    スパイシーチョリソ、モントレージャック&エッグブレックファーストサンドイッチなどのスターバックスの朝食は確かに魅力的ですが、Eat This Not That によると、これらのサンドイッチの1つを食べるよりも17枚のベーコンを食べるほうがよいとのことです。

  • That's becausebelieve it or notthe Spicy Chorizo breakfast sandwich somehow contains more fat.


  • The takeaway here?


  • The next time you visit Starbucks, you might want to stick with its decidedly burnt-tasting coffee.


  • Only 20 percent of the company's sales come from food, so there's not a whole lot of incentive to change the way it operates.

    食品の売上は、同社の売上の 20% だけなので、運営方法を変える動機はそれほど多くありません。

  • Its many locations are often too small to accommodate a full-sized kitchen like other chain bakeries like Panera.


  • Instead, Starbucks defrosts and reheats frozen food


  • And frozen food will never hold a candle to fresh food, will it?


  • In theory, the company could invest in chefs and huge kitchens, but Starbucks is known for its coffee more than its snacks, and so the stores are obviously designed for baristas.


  • Starbucks' baked goods aren't particularly healthy, either. Sugar makes everything taste better, but the coffee company is a little heavy-handed with the sweet stuff when it comes to making pastries like croissants, coffee cakes, and muffins.

    スターバックスの焼き菓子も特に健康的ではありません。 砂糖はすべての味を良くしますが、このコーヒー会社はクロワッサン、コーヒーケーキ、マフィンなどのペストリーを作るときには、甘さについてやりすぎです。

  • According to the Eating Well website, some of Starbucks' breakfast pastries contain more than the 24 grams of added sugar that women can consume daily

    Eating WellのWeb サイトによると、スターバックスの朝食用ペストリーの中には、女性が毎日摂取できる量である 24 グラムを超える砂糖が含まれているものがあるそうです・・・。

  • And even more than the 36 grams of added sugar per day that men can safely eat.

    そして、男性が安心して食べられる 1 日の砂糖の量である 36 グラムさえも超えています。

  • For example, Starbucks' chocolate muffin packs an incredible 39 grams of sugar.

    たとえば、スターバックスのチョコレートマフィンには、驚きの 39 グラムの砂糖が含まれています。

  • If you're trying to eat healthy, Starbucks'pastries and breakfast sandwiches really aren't the way to go.


  • Critics have gone after the company's croissants, too.


  • According to OC Weekly, one unsatisfied customer noted that the croissants are way too buttery.

    OC ウィークリーによると、不満のある顧客の 1 人は、クロワッサンがあまりにもバターまみれだと述べましたそうです。

  • Of course butter tastes good, but it's certainly not the healthiest choice, especially considering that half the calories from this morning munch comes from fat.


  • In the end, as much as you may love Starbucks' coffee, the chain seems to be struggling to find healthy breakfast options to serve alongside your favorite morning cup.


  • Until they make some changes, maybe you should stick to a Venti of your preferred cup of Joe and pick up your breakfast elsewhere.


  • "Venti is a large coffee."


  • "Really, says who? Fellini?"


  • "How much is that? Here's a ten."

    「いくらですか?10 ドルありますが。」

  • "Do you accept lira, or is it all euros now?"


  • "No way, just keep the change."


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There are more than 30,000 Starbucks locations worldwidein grocery stores, airports, and, of course, its many standalone locations.

世界中に 30,000 以上、スターバックスの店舗があります。—食料品店、空港、そしてもちろん、その独立した店舗です。

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