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  • you just talked about a day in the life of a seal where you're basically training at the highest levels.

  • I mean, it's something that sounds like a really cool thing to do to be able to, you know, have I mean, what did the government spend training?

  • You mean millions and millions of dollars to go to the great?

  • I mean, it sounds like the coolest places with the coolest instructors.

  • And, I don't know, was it cool?

  • And did you ever pinch yourself?

  • You ever look back and say Wow, I really Was it such a special experience to be training from the most elite people?

  • Or did it come with so much difficulty and challenges as well that it was hard to see it at the time?

  • At the time, the challenges were definitely drown out by the experience.

  • I mean, I knew where I was.

  • I realized what was happening.

  • You know, I was in the military, but I got to interface with people who are not inside of the special operations community.

  • I realized how incredibly unique it was the job that we had.

  • I mean, look at our job as a seal inside of the Navy, most people in the Navy or on a boat of some kind on aircraft carrier destroyer.

  • A submarine like that's not my jam, and that's not what I signed up for.

  • And they, I don't know, an exact amount of how much it costs or how much money they invested into me.

  • I've heard that it costs about a $1,000,000 just to get somebody through buds, which you're not even a seal.

  • At the end of that.

  • You just the beginning of your career as opposed to the end.

  • I mean, I've shot well over 1,000,000 rounds of a variety of pistol and rifle cartridges.

  • Just the sticker price on that alone is not cheap, let alone the mortars and rockets.

  • And, you know, the only thing I never got to shoot was a flamethrower, which I'm still pissed about to this day because it's the most amazing weapon ever.

  • Um, but it is incredibly special.

  • It was amazing.

  • I was surrounded by people that I loved being around.

  • We were It was everything that I ever thought it could be when I was a young man coming into the community and then so much more so and it's definitely highlighted by some pain along the way.

  • But those things are drowned out by the good experiences and memories that I have.

  • Do you recommend that young men go into the seals and just a little bit of context?

  • I know a good friend who is a doctor and his his.

  • They're both doctors, him and his wife and think their son is around the age and he's looking into this and he's very excited about it.

  • But they also know that, um, seals take a lot of damage physically, and I'm sure eventually as well.

  • And and, uh, I just wanted what you think about that.

  • I would say It depends, I think, the biggest determining factor, but and we have to go back because they have to make through buds first, which is a crucible by any definition.

  • The stats are the stats it's gonna have about a 75% attrition rate in summer months and 85 to 90% attrition rate in the winter months.

  • Year after year, decade after decade, it's just is what it is.

  • So, you know, is a seer seal career damaging to your body in some degrees it is, but you have to get into that community first.

  • And I think the number one determining factor is why people want to be there in the first place if they're driven to serve.

  • If they feel like it's a purposeful, driven career, your odds air okay, you know, and I would recommend for people who have that desire and passion to serve outside of themselves.

  • That's that's a good thing.

  • If you're coming there for notoriety because you want to write a book because you want to get instagram followers, you're going down the wrong path and those things those desires are gonna fall on the wane side when you're more tired than you've ever been colder than you ever been hungry than you've ever been.

  • And you're on Day three of a six month training program.

you just talked about a day in the life of a seal where you're basically training at the highest levels.


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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NAVY SEAL: Realising How Amazing Being In The Special Forces Is | Andy Stumpf

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