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  • about this guy finds with What's the dope?

  • Well, he's about your age and fairly husky about my age.

  • And he's got all this.

  • So he inherited the job.

  • Oh, Wells up Quite play polo while bag.

  • That sounds all right.

  • Is he dead?

  • No.

  • Gonna die, Sica?

  • No, not really.

  • Has a slightly rundown condition.

  • Oh, I get it.

  • Playboy type wine, women and song ruins his health.

  • Find body.

  • You want to make me a present of guy drinks himself into an early grave?

  • No, he didn't.

  • They just slightly run down.

  • He's gonna die, that's all.

  • He's being murdered, Joe.

  • All right.

  • Is it going on right now?

  • Yes, right here in this house.

  • I was doing it.

  • His wife, the mansions in love with Farnsworth's confidential secretary.

  • Nice people.

  • You want me to me?

  • How?

  • They killed it.

  • They're drowning him in the bathtub.

  • Holy cow!

  • Come on, let's scream out of here.

  • I'm gonna keep my nose clean.

  • I'm in enough trouble.

  • Anyone?

  • Weight jokes.

  • I look here, Mr Jordan, You don't think I'm crazy enough to change places with a guy?

  • Has got a wife like that hanging around.

  • I ain't punch drunk yet.

  • We'll have to wait here until I collect him.

  • It's my job.

  • How can you sit there when there's a guy being killed?

  • Why don't we call the police?

  • I'm afraid they wouldn't pay much attention to us, Geo.

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • It's all over, Joe.

  • You mean he's dead?

  • Those the two that did it, huh?

  • Yes.

  • Mrs.

  • Found from the secretary, Tony Abbott.

about this guy finds with What's the dope?


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ジョーダンがやってくる (1941) - 殺されるシーン (2/10) |Movieclips (Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) - Being Murdered Scene (2/10) | Movieclips)

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