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  • you see Mr Jordan?

  • Mexico at the fight with Murdoch.

  • It's all settled.

  • I can't switch now.

  • You haven't much time.

  • Don't talk like that.

  • Listen, Mr Jordan, just let me get through this fight.

  • Working out somehow with Bette.

  • Give me a little time.

  • You can fix it.

  • There's no time left to Tall now, Joe, that I say no, No.

  • You're not gonna play tricks with my life again.

  • I'm going to stay like I am.

  • You cannot change the course of your destiny.

  • We'll see about that.

  • You think you can pry me loose from funds with you?

  • Go ahead and try it.

  • Something told me back.

  • I can't move.

  • Let me go with you.

  • Get better far.

  • Let me go and I'll show you.

  • Well, goodbye, Mr Jordan.

  • Same to police, Mr Jordan.

  • Mr.

  • Jordan, don't fight.

  • Joe.

  • Leave funds with it's gonna happen to him now.

  • Just remains for them to dispose off now on me.

  • Mr Jordan may open.

  • You and I will be moving again.

  • Joan, searching Mr Jordan for many.

  • Don't fight, Joe.

  • Leave with now.

  • We've got him on our hands again.

you see Mr Jordan?


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ジョーダンがやってくる (1941) - 戦わないでシーン (6/10) |Movieclips (Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) - Don't Fight It Scene (6/10) | Movieclips)

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