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  • Hi, My name is Mark Jacobs.

  • And today I'm going to show you what I do when I get out of bed to get ready for my busy day and take care of my skin and, uh, look my freshest.

  • My first step I've been doing for a long time, I use Ah, a product from Joel CEO Co.

  • I guess it's like kind of a toner.

  • It's called lotion.

  • Arum Antique.

  • It's very simple.

  • I just really coat a cotton pad with the product like I soak it.

  • Can I just go over my far ahead and around my eyes?

  • Think you're supposed to go up?

  • Then my beard usually access Velcro up.

  • That's what I do to kind of clean my face in the morning, but definitely depending on the weather and what my life is like.

  • I change or add as they need.

  • The most important step is this new product from marching.

  • It's called Youth Quake, and there's no method behind this and just put a couple drops of my fingertips kind of rev it into my palms.

  • And then it just kind of that's that designers going into cosmetics is where make up is sometimes not the easiest thing and and sometimes doesn't feel very credible.

  • But we've managed, I think, to create a makeup line that people do respond to, and they do love and I feel good about it takes inspiration from what I do in terms of ready to wear, etcetera.

  • Kind of almost mindset where you suggest these things and even knowing nothing about skin care.

  • I'm like, Yes, pineapple fresh coconut fresh.

  • There's an association that feels very like believable, incredible, without going into like words I can't pronounce.

  • The next step is a little bit of blurring coconut primer.

  • A little bit on my finger, president, two fingers and then, just like, sort of get the area of my face that's usually shiny around the nose Far had, and that's it.

  • And I don't probably use that on a very like on a daily basis.

  • If I do know I'm going somewhere where there will be a camera where I will be photographed, then I'm more likely to use it.

  • I would go through these extra steps of just doing things that give me the look that I like.

  • I love to sit for hours and get makeup done I mean, I love to do drag, and I love to do but not drag, but makeup and costume.

  • And I mean dressing up and self expression is such a big deal.

  • Commandment of a designer.

  • And one of the things I love about closes that transformative quality that they have.

  • And you can kind of be this person you want to be in the choices that creative choices you make.

  • And, of course, make up to me is like the final accessory in any kind of fashion.

  • Look a little bit of under eye concealer, which is called the Accomplice Touch up Steak.

  • I just just dab this on my finger on it, just like kind of gently touch it under my eyes, and it just kind of just lend it and I usually don't wear don't wear it on a daily basis from time to time.

  • Like I said, when I'm taking the time to look my best.

  • One thing I do every morning, however, it is my brows.

  • I feel like the formula for our product is really amazing.

  • I've tried different ones that try ploy brow.

  • I've tried different things over the years, so it just kind of put it on once, and then I let it dry, and then they kind of go on over it again.

  • So it build it up, and I usually try to build up a little bit more on the outer edges because that's where I lost the most hair.

  • And this is something I keep in my pocket, usually about two of them in my bag, one of them in my pocket.

  • And it is perfect for me in terms of what I like on my lips.

  • I usually do.

  • What is it like that queer eye for the straight lines that cold spray delay walk away.

  • And so you walk through the fragrance because you're not supposed to spread fragrance directly on your clothes.

  • I do.

  • I do usually put it on my neck before you get dressed or from the bathroom on my wrists.

  • This is kind of a subtle fragrance.

  • It's called Angelique, So the elite by Frederick Mall and is my absolute favorite.

  • I haven't travel size at this beautiful red tube.

  • I met Frederick Malan event once, and I told him how much I loved it and made me a concentrate like a very strong version of it, which I use sometimes if I'm going out.

  • But this is what is everyday in love.

  • All that's left his hair.

  • So this is really my absolute favorite.

  • Go to.

  • If I'm doing my hair myself, it's or bass rock hard gel.

  • Usually I put a little bit on my palm.

  • That and normally if my hair is already in a good shape, which is stay, I just kind of rub this into my palms.

  • And after adding a little bit of large, just kind of touching to, you know, keep and it is glue.

  • I mean, it will keep your hair, every hair in place.

  • The other product.

  • I use it for a bit of shine.

  • It's this glass in this nice little green Linder and just spray it on.

  • Thing is, it's an oil base, so it does soften the rock card.

  • So I make sure I do have enough rock hard on before I spread this.

  • But this gives just nice shine.

  • There's a way I like to see things where I have a preference to how I like to see things.

  • But I do love diversity, and I also think the most important thing in your choices of makeup and your choices of clothes or accessories is that you're happy with it.

  • Like I get dressed and I make my choices in the morning because they'll make me happy.

  • Now, if somebody else benefits from the more some bales appreciates them, that's great.

  • But I don't get dressed or or ches what I'm gonna wear, based on what I hope someone else will think of it.

  • I'll just end with something I don't normally do.

  • But I'm a big fan of and that is lipstick color.

  • Um, this one is Oh, Miley, and just gonna sign off of the very sloppy lip.

Hi, My name is Mark Jacobs.


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