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  • Nations are one player in these platforms.


  • Will society function in the future as entities with force behind them form?

    プレイヤーとして 出てきていると思うんですけれど

  • Yes, well, democracy will have to change.


  • Democracy will have to change.


  • Our generation earned trust by size and strength up until now.

    ワークするのかどうかと いうのはいかがですか?

  • Youth today give their trust by participating to see first-hand.

    民主主義はもう変わらないと ダメだと思うんですよね

  • I do think neutrality is important.

    民主主義はもう変わらないと ダメだと思うんですよね

  • Diving deeper into this perspective, we eventually find authenticity.


  • Authenticity is very vital.

    大きかったり 強かったりすることによって

  • Things with a real feel earn trust even if the production value drops a bit.


  • Computer graphics can make anything beautiful.

    やっぱり今の子たちっていうのは やっぱり自分が参加して

  • The desire is to see the genuine truth when possible.


  • I debate this often as a New York Times' Director.

    で 中立性って重要だけれども

  • The New York Times takes a third-person perspective.


  • Articles use 'a reporter' even if it is our reporter.


  • Young readers think our reporters never leave our New York building.


  • Vice News puts reporters in the field as some kind of hero.


  • People picture them on the front lines.

    少しプロダクションヴァリューが 下がっても

  • So, the change in tastes is one part.


  • The other is a democratic change.

    逆にCGとか使って いくらでもピカピカにはできるので

  • People used to read, debate and vote before elected officials began a debate.

    なるべくリアルな 本音を見たいというのは多分そうなの

  • Citizens now debate and form their own opinions.

    例えば僕は「ニューヨークタイムズ」の 役員をやっているんですけど

  • The state must reflect these opinions.


  • I think the indirect democracy we know today has to change.

    例えば「ニューヨークタイムズ」は いつも第三者的な声で

  • I wrote a paper entitled Emergent Democracy in 2003.


  • I felt blogs would spark this.

    「あるレポーターが?」 みたいな書き方して

  • Social media brought about a wave of revolution known as the Arab Spring.


  • This has not yet reached a governmental level.


  • The Pirate Party and others in Europe are using tools like Liquid Democracy.

    みんなニューヨークのビルに ただいると思っていたりする

  • Some management is now possible online, and Trump is the first real test.

    「VICE」なんかは現場で自分が ヒーローみたいになってるから

  • A real online democracy will most likely be born in the next 20 years or so.

    「あいつら本当にいるんだ」とていう そういうメージなので

  • The current American system is broken.

    やっぱりテイストは 変わってきているのが1つと

  • So, America may have the first?


  • America might be or another country may bring online democracy in revolution.


  • Are there any yet unknown technologies?

    今までは読んで 議論して 投票して

  • Good question.

    投票された政治家が議論する という感じだったんだけども

  • The extension of mind and body.

    やっぱり今はもう国民自体が 議論して オピニオンを持って

  • Integration between man and machine will really evolve.

    そのオピニオンをどうやって 政府に反映するか

Nations are one player in these platforms.



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