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  • talk to me about the Blockchain because you've become this.

  • You know Blockchain guru.

  • Now you're in London to talk.

  • That's, you know, coin Quinn.

  • G coin gave me 1 20 year your meeting with the man that you believe is the rial PSA Tashi Nama Moto who denies it.

  • But you are right in there.

  • You've met with Andreas aunts Annapolis that we've had on the show three times.

  • Tell me about what you see in Blockchain and what is currently happening.

  • Well, I think the Blockchain is what sometimes called a unity.

  • It's it's a single technology that addresses of set of serious global crises.

  • And the two most serious ones, I think, is the collapse of Internet security of when you can tell paradigm has failed.

  • When the more money you spend on it, the worst the results.

  • And today, the Internet security paradigm in 2000 and 19 generated some eight billion breaches of personal data.

  • Eight billion, um, pieces of personal doubt of where hat and four times the year before.

  • I mean, it's just and every year we spend 20% more on Internet security and every year there more hacks.

  • This is a broken paradigm.

  • The other grade hacking scandal in the world is the scandal of money with of the biggest industry in the world is not food or transportation or housing are any of medicine or whatever.

  • The biggest industry in the world is currency trading.

  • Um, every three years, the Bureau for International Settlements does a try any Elrod view.

  • It's Tranel survey.

  • And, uh, in 2016 which was the last one until last month.

  • Ah, a couple months ago, uh, they estimated that currency trading was $5.1 trillion a day.

  • That is, UH, 25 times all global GDP.

  • Roughly it's roughly 75 times all global trade and goods and services, and the result of always currency trading is it seems to be more trade wars, more currency conflicts, more ah, economic conflict and failure.

  • And that's ah of, And I've just discovered that, uh, the new tri annual review of the Bureau of International Settlement shows that over the last three years, while the world economy didn't really thrive, there is some kind of recession.

  • Ah, trade stopped growing.

  • Uh uh.

  • During this period, currency trading increased 30% to $6.7 trillion every 24 hours.

  • I mean, it's it's just absurd, um, sort of waste of computer power and and, uh, waste of entrepreneurial skills, waste of bandwidth.

  • And the reason I'm so excited about the Blockchain is that it addresses both these problems at once.

  • It's a unity.

  • It addresses the problem of Internet security.

  • It's a new security layer for the Internet, where personal identities can be immutable.

  • Lee anchored in this Blockchain software structure and and, uh, and it's solves this other hacking problem where central banks, Hank hack, world money and, uh, in this carnival of floating currencies and currency trading.

  • This is central banks printing money, monetary policy, easing, issuing debt madly and stealing from the future.

  • And, you know, just ah, it's these air that's central banks of operations, which don't even result in more trade if it, you know, that should.

  • If money is working, global money is working at more trade every year and less conflict and and the money is more reliable, it offers more dependable information toe entrepreneurs, so of there's less conflict.

  • But because of this scandal of Internet security, we can't even trust while way routers This is the great Chinese telecom company, was the private company and that beat out all the state owned enterprises in China and became the world's leading telecom equipment vendor.

  • And now we're terrified that, uh, if while way routers, which are full of American and Israeli and Western chips and based on Western standards and then incorporate Western software that somehow these while way routers air going toe be, ah, Trojan horse that brings down the West, it's just it's it's a fantasy.

  • It's not gonna happen.

  • It's not gonna happen.

  • But it's but it's, ah, the result of this collapse of Internet security because with billions of hacks, you can't trust anything.

  • And so every every all these nations are building of walled gardens around their Internets and trying to regulate amore.

  • And there aren't gonna end extinguishing this this great achievement of our era and, uh, which is really Internet technology.

talk to me about the Blockchain because you've become this.


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