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  • What has been your reaction on the last couple months in the States?

  • You know, we've seen Ah, what?

  • We've seen a lot of protests.

  • We've seen a lot of anger.

  • We've seen statues come down, calls for defending the police protests, George Floyd incident.

  • What do you What is your perspective on all this?

  • It's hard impact.

  • I mean, you just in that one question, right?

  • There is about 17 hours worth of discussion, but it's it's it's frustrating.

  • It's heartbreaking to see people coming apart at the seams.

  • I think that in addition to you know, I do believe in reform.

  • I believe that policing should not be reformed now because of the George Floyd incident.

  • I think it should constantly be observed and reformed as our society evolves.

  • Just like that, I think politics should be just like I think teaching should be fill in the blank.

  • If you have a community organization, you should be open to reform and that should be an ongoing conversation and process, not because something catastrophic happened.

  • So obviously what happened with George Floyd was horrendous.

  • But I also think that the cylinders were preloaded on that because people were compressed in their house.

  • They were being told that they couldn't go anywhere.

  • They're being socially isolated.

  • So I understand the outburst, An outpouring of anger.

  • Um, what I don't understand is burning a system to the ground without having an idea of what you want to replace it with.

  • And I don't understand burning where you live to the ground either.

  • I again I understand the pent up frustration and anger.

  • The expression of it, I think, is gonna end up doing more harm not only to those individuals but to the causes that they are supposedly supporting.

  • Then good.

  • I think they're actually end up shooting themselves in the foot.

  • I think de funding the police is the polite way to say that's an idiotic idea.

  • I do not think people are prepared to be their own first responder.

  • I do not think that people are prepared to live in a world and you know, people push back on this, they'll say, Well, de funding the police doesn't actually mean de funding the police.

  • It means rerouting some of their training and education budget.

  • And the actual truth is to some people, when they say defund the police, they mean exactly that.

  • They're talking about abolishing the police.

  • Some people are talking about rewriting the training.

  • In my opinion, the police need more money for training because they have one of the most difficult jobs on the face of the planet.

  • And I and I understand why people don't inherently feel and understand that because they've never had to.

  • Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute show up to people's worst day of their life, people do not call 911 to report a birthday party that's going well.

  • They call 911 to report medical, emergency, family emergency physical violence.

  • And these same people report to people's worst day of their life, time and time and time again.

  • There's an amount of stress involved in that.

  • I think the mental health mental sanitation aspect of having them have a support network that can keep them in check Mila checkup from the neck up type thing.

  • For those officers, all that costs money, they have an extremely difficult job.

  • I think they need better training so they can better serve society, and it's I don't know what is going to end up being.

  • There's two competing, you know, ideologies.

  • It seems right now one is burn it completely to the ground and then let's start over and the other one is like, Hey, let's take a second here and really objectively assess what's going on and figure out a way to get where we want to be from where we are now.

  • And I I don't know which one is going to win out.

  • I think right now it's a coin toss way.

What has been your reaction on the last couple months in the States?


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