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  • first aid kit.

  • Check game console with Blue Ray Player.

  • Check complete printout of TV tropes dot org's check.

  • Sorry, I can't right now.

  • I'm too busy prepping for the end of civilization as we know it.

  • The signs are everywhere.

  • Just look at the egregious errors in basic logic that are allowed to exist in today's TV pop culture.

  • The best example of this.

  • Today's NBC's Revolution.

  • Supposedly realistic.

  • Look at how the world would change if inert air populated nano machines rendered every electrical appliance inoperable.

  • The show would have us believe that humanity would turn into some sort of weird Amish cowboys who foreswear the riding of bicycles while they fight pitch battles over horses and wagons with the few remaining bullets.

  • If the showrunners had spent a little less time dreaming up urban ruins in a little more time reading any work of steampunk, they realize that the actual result of these nano machines would be to unleash industrial revolution.

  • Two point.

  • Oh, Within a few years, Connecticut Yankee types and maker faire stalwarts would be cranking out steam powered jet skis and self aware difference engines and certainly a lot of brass Monica walls.

  • I don't know why there's have those anyway.

  • Saif eyes Defiance presents us with the same sort of inexplicably old school dystopia in this future Apocalypse scenario, a massive influx of aliens and interspecies war and extensive environmental changes on earth result in a sons of anarchy in the Old West kind of milieu.

  • I don't get it this funky alien technology all around, but the characters dress like they just got back from an inauguration party for Rutherford B.

  • Hayes Did a network executive.

  • Great deal on the old sets and props from Dr Quinn.

  • Medicine Woman Graduations.

  • Revolution in Defiance.

  • Your doomsday scenarios managed to be less plausible than the one in that apocalyptic Seth Rogan.

  • No, not this is the end.

  • I'm talking about Green Hornet, and what a disaster that WAAS and don't get me started on a logical flaws in zombie movies.

  • What do you think walking dead gets wrong about societal collapse?

first aid kit.


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