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  • with Good morning and welcome to the next leg of arid venture is currently 5 16 We have just arrived at a place that Victor actually recommended.

  • I've already seen you today.

  • Way it is.

  • It is really way too.

  • Right now we're heading out to check.

  • I could describe.

  • I think it's better just to show you it's just up here.

  • All right, well, at least they started out.

  • Kind of normal.

  • Pretty normal, for the most part so far.

  • What made you want to come here?

  • Uh, should be told.

  • Like were and stuff.

  • So this place always showed up whenever I looked up.

  • You know, like haunted places are like super super creepy places here in Japan.

  • So I had to come.

  • While the way that these statues has aged is already creepy enough, these are the ones that we're really here to see.

  • Yeah, just imagine it came here in the middle of the night.

  • No, no, thank you.

  • So far.

  • It's all right, because these are the statues that you kind of like expect when you come to a place like this.

  • You know, I'm just waiting for us.

  • The approach, the ones that look a little bit more human.

  • Let's head this way.

  • Seems like the more humanistic ones might be a little bit more down the road.

  • That way, we're gonna go jump back in the car and head down the road way.

  • Have definitely found it now, definitely.

  • All right now, now we're most definitely in the right spot.

  • It was just a little bit down the road.

  • And what's more is because we were late getting here.

  • We have the good fortune of running into a woman on her morning walk who was kind enough to grant us a bit of an interview.

  • Jim O.

  • Connell, this is the two will go up Dun Dun dungeons and then stop.

  • But if you squish and just as mysteriously as she appeared, she's gone.

  • I was pretty awesome, to be honest, she was amazing.

  • So thank you.

  • Something it kind of stuck out to me is that these front animals here seem to represent the Zodiac.

  • Yeah, Nodia, that snake dragon rabbit.

  • And if I can save the obvious for a second, these ones are a lot more realistic, and it's unbelievable to think that they were based off a photograph.

  • Photographs like you would have to assume that the poses were probably based off of the photos as well.

  • As the lady explained, the ones higher up with the first ones to be installed, which is why they've obviously aged the most, and the ones in the front looks a little newer.

  • The detail in some of the faces is just incredible or, in some cases, the complete and utter lack thereof.

  • All right, it might just be my imagination, but I kind of feel the ones here in the back the ones that were originally installed are smaller.

  • Looks like we've come pretty close to the top.

  • I think these are the last ones up here, so let's go check them out.

  • If you come out here, just be careful because these footpaths sleight of it.

  • Oh, wow.

  • Look at the moss growing on them, too.

  • You hear that?

  • Even though they look like this Now, if you look really carefully, you can see that even on the oldest ones, the original color was white.

  • We're up top right now near the oldest statues on, like the detail has worn off of them.

  • Like some are missing noses.

  • The hair has smooth there.

  • And Victor was just mentioning that if you look carefully enough at the pedestal, they have the names written here.

  • Like this particular guy is not Move.

  • Hello, Mr Nakamura.

  • And since we've been here so long, the sun is just completely full on it.

  • And it gives a place a really different look and feel.

  • So as we head down going to kind of show you what the area looks like.

  • Fun in the sun.

  • Victor and I were talking about what could it possibly be that makes this statue stand out so much?

  • Among the rest, if you look displays up online, almost guaranteed, you'll see photos or thumbnails or something.

  • Including this particular statue, you know, kind of normal list.

  • Reviewing that.

  • Do it.

  • Let me know.

  • I understand you were actually gonna drive back to the first location just so we can spend a little more time with him because the adventure is really about the people.

  • All right, so we've come out to see the groundskeeper and have a little talk.

  • As you may have gathered from before from the Blur, he says that we don't, you know, show his face.

  • I Oh, mom, We're kind of into talking about the next adventure.

  • We're gonna go on.

  • So I'm gonna cut this right here for now.

  • We're also you guys outside.

  • Well, that was nothing shy of Magic.

  • Hole.

  • Got lucky, man.

  • All right, that's, uh, let's get back.

with Good morning and welcome to the next leg of arid venture is currently 5 16 We have just arrived at a place that Victor actually recommended.


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日本の不気味な隠れた彫像の村 (Japans Creepy Hidden Village of Statues)

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