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  • Hello, everyone.

  • My name is Fiona.

  • Today we are going to be looking at two words that will really help with your English listening and pronunciation skills.

  • You can see that they looked the same.

  • But how did they sound on?

  • What's the difference?

  • Kate bunching to find out Why are you ready?

  • Let's begin first.

  • I will say the sentence quickly.

  • So really listen well.

  • I may live videos where I live.

  • Second time slower.

  • I make life videos where I live.

  • Okay, let me show you the sentence.

  • I make live videos where I live.

  • What two words go in the blanks here.

  • Can you tell me?

  • Well, the answer is I make life videos where I live.

  • I know, I know they look the same, but they're two different words.

  • Let me tell you what Let's have a look at our two words in more detail.

  • We have live and live.

  • The spelling is the same, but the pronunciation on the meaning is different.

  • It's a hatred.

  • What's ahead?

  • Trim.

  • It's where you have two words where the spelling is the same.

  • But the meanings on the pronunciations are different.

  • Let's have a look at the meaning on the pronunciation of our two words.

  • I'll start with life.

  • Live is an objective.

  • It means something that is happening right now.

  • You can go and see it with your own eyes, like a broadcast or a concert hair.

  • Two sentences to show you.

  • This the 1st 1 The live debate is happening right now.

  • The live debate is happening right this second.

  • You whom Go on, Watch it on number two.

  • I like watching live streams on the Internet.

  • I like watching people broadcast themselves on the Internet life right now as it's happening, let's practice pronunciation.

  • Repeat after me.

  • Life, Life.

  • Our second word is lift.

  • Live is a vote.

  • It means to make your home somewhere on.

  • I have two sentences to show you this.

  • I live in America.

  • It's where I live, the country where my home is and sentence number two.

  • They live across the street from me.

  • I live hit my house.

  • They live across the street there.

  • House is across the street from my house.

  • Okay, let's practice pronunciation.

  • Live live.

  • Now let's go back to our main sentence.

  • I make life videos where I live.

  • I make lies, videos that are happening right now.

  • I'm a live videos where I live, where my home is.

  • I make life videos where I live.

  • Okay, let's practice.

  • Pronunciation will go slowly to start on.

  • Then we'll speed up like a native speaker.

  • Repeat after me.

  • I make live videos where I live.

  • Okay, A little bit.

  • Festival.

  • I make life videos where I live.

  • Well done.

  • A great job today, guys.

  • You had some really great practice in English, listening on pronunciation.

  • If you wanted to go, and once and more than you can check out any of all of the videos.

  • This in real gems that Andi, if you want to leave a comment, we've gone down below.

Hello, everyone.


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