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  • Good morning, guys.

  • I'm just going to go to school by your school.

  • And this video is a recreation of me.

  • Before I went to language school.

  • Me China, learn Japanese recreation.

  • So it involves very stellar moments by me, myself and I It's skit.

  • Maybe I shouldn't do skits in Joy G.

  • Wiz.

  • I wish that I knew more Japanese that life hair was a little bit easier so I could do simple things.

  • But I want to be able to talk about things other than where I'm from and how tasty Japanese sushi is.

  • I know.

  • I'll self study.

  • Okay, So that didn't work out.

  • How else to people learn Japanese?

  • Oh, I know.

  • I watch some of them Japanese cartoons.

  • Yeah, I come into our with us.

  • See what?

  • Emma?

  • This Yeah, Maybe I should try letting Condi e I want to learn Japanese, but nothing seems to be working for me.

  • Maybe I can never make it here.

  • Maybe I should just need on go home to Australia.

  • Hey, why don't I just go to school?

  • Hey, guys, this is actually a sponsored video.

  • It's company contacted me and I was really excited about what They're doing, And I really wish that I had these services when I was starting to want to go to language schools because this this company in the site provides so much support on helps you decide what kind of school you want to go shoot and helps you do that through that kind of process.

  • So if you guys are interested in going to the language school or coming to Japan and try to find the right way, I really that must be really useful for you.

  • So the site is called Take Me to Japan, and there's a linked out of description if you want to go check them out.

  • So what the site does is it takes a lot of things into consideration and helps you pick a language school to go to.

  • So it'll take into consideration things like where you kind of want to live in Japan or where you are living accommodation, the type of school you want to go to.

  • It also takes into consideration the length of the course you want to go on.

  • The courses in Japan usually come from two weeks to two years, so it's kind of like that you want to do.

  • Also, there's so many different types, of course, is when it comes to learning Japanese language, and it all depends on what your kind of goal is.

  • If you want to take the jail PT, which is a Japanese language proficiency test, if you want to go to university in Japan on college, or if you wanna get a job in a Japanese company or if you just want to get better at Japanese conversation, we'll take into consideration all of these different things and they help you pick a school that would be best if you guys are adjusted, coming and living in Japan, and you don't really show how to go about it.

  • I do recommend, including the student Visa and Language School is one of the options that you look at.

  • Also, there's a different kind of level of seriousness when it comes to Japanese schools.

  • Some schools will be way more intense, like if you just want to really get down, learn the language so that you can go to a company and work, then the intensity will be much higher.

  • But if you're just looking Teoh, learn Japanese and explored, Apparent and then have more of a relaxed experience.

  • There's also those kind of schools as well, so this company will actually help you choose what kind of level of intensity you want in the school.

  • If you want to go to Japanese University, there's a little courses out there that will help you with the academic tests or career support or any kind of guidance that you need to get it now through this site and the schools themselves provide, like, full support through the application process for visas and everything and all the support you need to get through that because I came to Japan on a working holiday visa from Australia and there's not really support for that.

  • You kind of have to figure everything out yourself.

  • So if if that kind of thing stresses you and a lot, I definitely recommend going through a school or through this site to get some kind of support to help you through the process because it can be rough.

  • A lot of courses focus on learning the language but also allow you to have the experience of travelling with the school to go on cultural events like tea ceremonies and stuff and and travel different areas of Japan and learn more about the culture rather than just the language.

  • You can also specify into this site what kind of level of Japanese you have right now on.

  • They'll help you figure out what causes best for you, and it's okay if you know no, Jeff any.

  • That's totally fine.

  • They'll help find you costs, which starts and begin a level and really helped you build ups that you couldn't get used to life here and enjoy it.

  • Also, coming to Japan through Japanese school is actually such a great way to make friends.

  • Otherwise, it could be a bit lonely when you're just trying to find your ground and figure out how to meet people in everything but going to a school.

  • You're immediately put with like minded people, and you get to invest with them and and love at the same pace.

  • Also, this is not meant to offend people who self study, because if you can self study, you're amazing and I give you 1000 rounds of applause is because oh my goodness, I I don't know how you do it.

  • I know people who shut themselves, never even just self study and just get it down and understand Japanese.

  • And that's phenomenal.

  • But people with brain like mine, I just There's too much of stuff to do, especially being in Japan.

  • And I'm not like, Oh, I want to be inside and study of I want to go out and have a good time and learn about Japan outside.

  • But yeah, I needed a school to help me go forward In my legend Ling Ling Ling Lee language learning experience Take me to Japan.

  • Site is in the description.

  • If you want to go check it out.

  • Yeah, thank you for bearing with me.

  • I hope that you have a great experience that I hope that you if you wanna come to Japan because it's a great time, really like it.

  • I still like.

  • It's been, like, a year, year and 1/2 in a bit, and I still just completely in love with this place.

  • Thank you so much more, Chief, You joy this video.

  • Please go.

  • Some come in double and had subscribe if you want to see more videos like this.

  • Oh, not like this because there's a lot of different bears on this channel.

  • Thanks, Jake.

Good morning, guys.


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