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  • What else about Google?

  • Do we not see it like ways that it's in our lives that we don't recognize or potentially dangerous is that the big data is it's the technology that goes with it.

  • Is that the money?

  • What is it?

  • You know, I I really don't worry about Google, okay?

  • I mean, what's what I worry about today is this sort of mindless attack on Google that the Federal Trade Commission regards Google is a potential monopoly and is hobbling their prospects.

  • And the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission doesn't like that Google has is a meritocracy.

  • They wanted toe to follow all the rules of affirmative action.

  • Doesn't like it that Google only hires the best computer scientists.

  • And so the government and the culture are really attacking these great achievements and which are just like the previous accomplishments of, ah, computer science and summed up by IBM, for example, IBM was a giant that was attacked by the government as a potential monopoly.

  • And ask yourself what same with my Microsoft.

  • They attack all the these companies when they get big and, uh and they're vulnerable when they're big and the attacks just make him less effective and and, uh, almost always penalised their competitors more than their own potential.

  • In other words, when you when the government Anders, uh of field with lawyers and bureaucrats and regulators, it makes that feel less open unless of full of opportunity for small companies and companies that my challenge Google.

  • So Google now has come out against face recognition.

  • Now Google's got face recognition.

  • Beat it, beat it, accomplished face recognition pretty well some time ago, and face recognition is a important, vital technology.

  • But Google's got it.

  • So if ah, it calls on all sorts of investigation and regulation of face recognition, who is going to be hurt?

  • Google won't be hurt.

  • All other companies that my challenge Google are are developed.

  • Better forms of face recognition or apply face recognition were inventively.

  • They're the ones that will be suppressed by having new government regulation of the critical of new human possibility.

  • Okay, so be careful when you go after these companies because you might actually cut out the competitors.

  • Yeah, that's what you do is you.

  • It's ah, it's just it's such a lesson of history.

  • Many academics have noticed it that the big established companies all kind of like regulation.

  • They will kind of absorb the government into their business plans and and use these rules as defenses against competition is barriers to entry for opponents arrival.

What else about Google?


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