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  • so this entire video was supposed to be down outside today.

  • But is it is raining something fears And so a little bit of a disclaimer from the beginning, This video is gonna be super easy to digest for everybody.

  • But if I can help one or even two of you avoid this pitfall than I think, the whole thing will have been worth it.

  • What I want to talk about today is a bit of a serious issue that I've seen impact friends and acquaintances alike again and again and again in the over 10 years that I've been here in Japan.

  • I've seen a lot of people make the same mistake in different ways and really end up paying for it in the long run.

  • But more than anything, today's kind of just meant to be food for thought on an issue that's much, much bigger in the end, in just moving to Japan.

  • So as we get into it, I'd like to recommend that you even consider watching this video more than once.

  • And if it does end of helping you share it with somebody else that you think it might be helpful to, so starting off with an incredibly obvious statement.

  • A lot of people who want to move to Japan are going to face very similar struggles things like work, visas, language or, as we discuss previously, even things like the struggle of loneliness.

  • And believe it or not, a lot of these issues can actually be traced back to the same or at least very similar reasons a reason that on the surface seems a lot more simple than it actually ins.

  • You see on the surface, it kind of just looks like everybody's in a rush.

  • And while this may partially hold true for some, there's something much deeper that they're doing because they're in a rush, which is leading to a lot of unnecessary long term trouble.

  • You see, a lot of people will trade out the long term lifestyle or success for a short term wind or gain.

  • I see it again and again, and I see people suffer for it every single time.

  • No matter what the reason.

  • The visa research is too complicated or I don't want to wait this many years before I can live in Japan or wanna have to go back to university and get a degree before I could move to Japan.

  • There are countless reasons a really common example I see of this is people who want to live in Japan long term, but for some reason are determined to get here while they're really young and they end up stuck in a job that they may not particularly want to do, especially long term, because they came to Japan without any work, experience or transferrable skills.

  • And now it's the only job that they can dio.

  • And actually many of these people will try to convince others that there aren't any jobs available in Japan for non Japanese people.

  • But I can speak from experience.

  • I have friends in every industry, from designed to I t to the medical field, everything in between who love their job and love their life because they came to Japan with skills.

  • Now it's also worth mentioning that if you choose to save up and come to Japan for university, you can be in Japan and develop the skills at the same time.

  • But it won't be cheap and there's no guarantee that you're going to be able to get a work permit on your student visas some people do.

  • Some people don't.

  • So you're gonna have to say about another really common example.

  • I see of this impacting people's lives negatively is any people who want to live in Japan.

  • Long term will just inevitably go for the working holiday option.

  • If it's available in their country and the 1st 6 to 8 months or so go over really well.

  • But those last couple months or half year end up in a complete mess and panic of visa research.

  • And more often than not, some people will end up visa lists and going back to their home country, having only enjoyed about half of that working holiday in the end.

  • Now that doesn't hold true for everybody, but it does for a lot of people and then getting back home.

  • The road to living in Japan seems even further away because now they've been there.

  • Now they know what it's like to have lived there.

  • Now I'm not saying don't do the working holiday.

  • I did one.

  • It's absolutely great.

  • But what I am saying is that if your goal is to live in Japan long term, have realistic expectations and don't expect that just because you're physically in the country that you're gonna magically find some loophole toe a visa that didn't exist before you landed in the country, that the chances of that are incredibly slipped.

  • The point is that if you do want to be here long term, you're gonna have to put in the work.

  • You do the research, No, your options build your skills and save money.

  • And money alone is a big 11 that scares a lot of people.

  • I often get asked, how much does it cost to move to Japan?

  • And you can do it really cheap.

  • But I'll tell you right now, you're gonna have a much better time and be a lot less restricted in everything from job options to just your daily life if you save much more than just what you need in order to move here, I have watched far too many people sacrifice what could have been a long and very successful life in Japan just because they wanted something right now.

  • And quite frankly, I know that time isn't a luxury that everyone can afford, but it's up to you to determine whether or not that is the case for you, or whether waiting and being a little more patient will set you up for more success and happiness in the long term.

  • And I'm sure there are gonna be a few people who watch this video helicopter that's me.

  • And this video isn't meant to be de motivating or make the dream of living in Japan feel really far unattainable.

  • If anything, it's meant to say that an amazing life in Japan is to be had if you take your time and do it the right way, like it is hard to commit to the work when you can't see the payoff where there's not even a guarantee of the payoff.

  • I know that, and it's super easy to say where we want to be right now, but even harder to say where you want to be in a couple of years.

  • But it's definitely worth thinking about, and it has started to get a little dark in here quickly and Jeff that seems better.

  • And by this point, it should be pretty obvious that the issue of trading out the long term for some kind of short term gain is an issue that is not unique to moving to Japan whatsoever.

  • But awareness of our tendency to do this is a huge, huge step in the right direction.

  • Have seen far too many people suffer from this one tiny mistake that can manifest itself in so many different ways or situations and end up paying for it in the long term.

  • So at the very least, I hope that you're able to get a little bit of value from this.

  • As I said, if this helps you at all book market, rewatch it, share it with somebody that you think would get some value from it.

  • For now, leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

  • You guys know I am going to be hanging out with you down there.

  • That is all the time that I have for today.

  • I am often North Carolina in, like 24 48 hours.

  • Something like that.

  • I've got to get packing on and I will see you guys again real soon.

so this entire video was supposed to be down outside today.


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