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  • they cheated on me.

  • No, I did date a woman that was in a relationship, you know?

  • So it's not as bad as cheating, but Yeah, she was much older.

  • How?

  • My Children 42 with how you 23 do that.

  • She pursued me.

  • That's so that's the sole reason.

  • Well, as she could cook, I took it away.

  • What was she, good game?

  • Anything I wanted.

  • And sex, too.

  • I mean, she wanted in all the time, no matter where we were any time and place one time, I had to fight her off in a healthy way.

  • Because I don't do outdoors like, uh, she couldn't get in love with my youth.

  • Said Okay.

  • Over here.

  • Really?

  • You come back over here, please come back over here.

  • Wait.

  • It may.

  • You got your head down like you print.

  • What would you little power way?

  • Just blame it on the store.

they cheated on me.


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ザ・フォトグラフ (2020) - あなたは浮気したことがありますか?シーン (4/10) |Movieclips (The Photograph (2020) - Have You Ever Cheated? Scene (4/10) | Movieclips)

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