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  • tape.

  • 7 November 10.

  • Where was I?

  • What's most difficult for me is trying to decide what to tell you and what not to, but I guess I have a while yet before you're old enough to even understand these tapes.

  • They're more for me at this point.

  • Just that I could get it straight.

  • Gasoline, Apapa, Bar one.

  • You know, L Tuncay be that upset.

  • Should I tell you about your father?

  • Boy, that's a tough one.

  • Will it affect your decision to send him here knowing that he is your father?

  • If you don't send Kyle, you could never bay.

  • Got a person could go crazy thinking about this, I suppose.

  • I will tell you I owe him that.

  • Maybe it'll help if you know that in a few hours that we had together, we left a lifetime's worth the status we're gonna take open at the same like it with a single stolen.

  • It's a very Carlos Lucinda be bothered him about begun.

  • What did he just say?

  • Chase.

  • You're very beautiful, senorita.

  • He's ashamed to ask you for five American dollars for this picture.

  • But if he doesn't, his father would beat him Pretty good.

  • Hustle kid.

  • Cuatro you know?

  • Yeah.

  • What did you just say?

  • He said there's a storm coming.



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A2 初級

嵐がやってくる|ザ・ターミネーター [オープンマット、リマスター版] (There's a storm coming in | The Terminator [Open Matte, Remastered])

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