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  • I mean, you're kind of the first celebrity real estate broker.

  • I mean, that used media like that to grow your business?

  • I guess so.

  • I think a lot of people do it to me.

  • Milliner listening L.

  • A.

  • Has been on for a lot longer than in New York as, but I think that I i the minute I saw that it was working like a couple years into it.

  • Then I was like, You know what, That's what's milk this thing.

  • Let's pitch Bravo.

  • Other shows.

  • And so I felt like Serhane comes out and let's let's turn it into a book book comes out.

  • Let's turn that into a course.

  • We launched the course, right?

  • Let's let's let's show all the stuff that I can't do a $1,000,000 listing New York because there's not enough time.

  • So, like my personal life and my thoughts and things going through my head and let's let's put that on a flaw that started YouTube channel.

  • You know, let's really, really make instagram a business.

  • And let's go after tic tac now and like, Why not?

  • You know it's all there.

  • Um and I don't like I remember.

  • I don't know if this is a book or not.

  • But I I have this morbid memory being with my grandfather, driving by a cemetery and him saying, Do you know who was in there?

  • And I was like dead people.

  • He was like, No, ah, basketball player.

  • You'll never know off and a mathematician you'll you'll never know off and a guitar player you're never going to know because they never reach their full potential, even though they had it in them.

  • And I was super young and it up, it was like And it still sits with me to this day of like, man I My biggest fears of the fear of failure.

  • Yeah, but 100% the fear wasted potential.

  • There's so much that we can do every day.

  • Why not just do it?

  • What's the worst that can happen?

  • Doesn't work like, well, grain.

  • It wasn't working anyway when you weren't doing it, so didn't put it out there.

  • Yeah, there's a graveyard by our studio in London and always walked by the graves and think, you know, does that person wish they hadn't have taken that extra risk?

  • You know what they wish they would have are they still worried about what someone would have thought?

  • Or the failure?

  • They've done it all over again and got bigger.

  • Yeah, like you know, there's that movie Whiplash, Another J K.

  • Simmons movie.

  • Random.

  • Um, he's got that great kind of line where he talks about, you know, the two worst words in the English language.

  • A good job, because when you tell someone good job, they stop trying.

  • And my dad very rarely said Good job was tough, you know.

  • He was tough.

  • He pulled me off the field when I was playing baseball on fifth.

  • Graves was embarrassing moment of my life, but in his head, he was just saving me.

  • Time was like baseball's on for you.

  • You tried it onto the next one, maybe play every single sport just to see what would stick, because he knew that if he didn't force me to do it, I think I'd be like any other kid and just want to be at home and play video games.

  • And I know I don't have to go do that.

  • And so I'm glad I did it.

  • I was terrible.

  • All of them released.

I mean, you're kind of the first celebrity real estate broker.


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