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  • I am.

  • Welcome to third episode off Japan Guide Kitchen, a little side project in which focused on simple Japanese recipes to try at home.

  • And in this video, I'm going to be making Japanese rolled Hamelin Artem ago.

  • Yucky The ingredients.

  • We need a pretty basic eggs, of course.

  • Milk, soy sauce, sugar results vegetable oil on a Friday.

  • Let's get cracking on this excellent adventure.

  • Break the eggs into a bowl and wobble them a little bit for your instagram boomerang shot.

  • When that's done, add some sugar salt, soy sauce.

  • It shouldn't be gassy like that and makes everything together.

  • Oil.

  • You heat the frying pan with a piece of kitchen paper, then pour a thin lay of the egg mixture into the past.

  • When the bottom has set, start rolling or folding that first layer two words you Now easy does it next for another layer of the egg mixture, making sure that the roles omelet gets some fresh, too.

  • Repeat the process until all the egg has been new stuff.

  • If your egg looks more round than blocky, you can just roll with that or shape it into a block like what I'm gonna do before slicing is you can eat it on its own.

  • A site dish or in a sandwich.

  • They're all good.

  • I hope you enjoyed this cooking video.

  • Let us know in the comments below.

  • If you have made this before or give this a try this is the last egg cooking video for a while, I promise.

I am.


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