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  • Watson on.

  • This is my back.

  • My friends call me in the bag Lady on.

  • The reason for this is that I don't really pack light for begin.

  • Uh, always freezing.

  • Cole's always so we is carrying a school.

  • I have two phones.

  • I have my work phone.

  • I have a personal thing.

  • Both me usually dead.

  • This is a strategy of mine.

  • Um, it's kind of how I deal with how stressful life be.

  • It does drive people around me a bit.

  • Much has gone she the endless debate.

  • Oh, not cool.

  • Horrible.

  • Horrible.

  • This one's left.

  • Does that make any cooler?

  • I don't know.

  • Okay.

  • No tampon.

  • My mom bought me this bag.

  • It's filthy.

  • Now it's with me.

  • It's going My Miss Mons In it.

  • It's Mincy.

  • Miss Mundy Basics.

  • My book club is reading beloveds right now by Tony Morrison.

  • She won the new properties Literature.

  • Wait, I've been doing this for those.

  • Yeah, it's called The Five Minute journal.

  • Gets right.

  • Three things.

  • You're grateful.

  • Fool gets right daily affirmation on the at the end of the day, he gets right.

  • Three things that happened on you get to know about.

  • Thank you cards.

  • Yeah, So I'm 29 I still carrying something that looks like this.

  • It's a whole host bustle.

  • My favorite thing to do you, when I get on an airplane is to ask if they will fill us up for me.

  • Hold both.

  • Best my coins.

  • Deodorant Essential.

  • It smells good.

  • It doesn't have a nasty The actress is recycled vegan glass troll better than a message store, right?

  • I mean, I don't know if it's gonna break at some point, but it hasn't yet come back Makeup Areva pads.

  • But you throw in the washing machine and then you have to throw so much stuff away because my keys to spring.

  • Did I make that enjoyable?

  • I Maybe I need to do geo anyway.

  • NV rose two.

  • Missed his brand sunglasses.

  • You filthy.

  • This is why you need sunglasses case, which I don't use.

  • It's pretty really scratched.

  • Terrible.

  • Have a muscle rub that says Quit you bitching Noose.

  • It's meant to protect the enamel on your teeth.

  • Tooth moves.

  • Sunscreen?

  • Yes, very important.

  • Especially if you live in L.

  • A or wherever.

  • Actually, even if you live in the UK Sunscreen, let's do this thing now.

  • Publish.

  • That's it.

  • This is why they call me the bag Lady.

Watson on.


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