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  • can.

  • He's got the food booth.

  • I'm a little bit intimidated by them because they're all staring.

  • They are still look at the serious steering high where crystalline Kanye travel pockets were sisters who are half American and half Japanese.

  • And we love to travel the world in style.

  • We grew up as military brat, so we're used to moving from place to place.

  • That's why we love traveling so much.

  • Yes, way Post Videos weekly and would love free to subscribe to our channel Always along on all of our adventures Way.

  • Okay, so it's $5 You have to buy ostrich yet positive rate of the dollar coming in, which is very unusual to get bundled up exactly ago.

  • Warmer.

  • This morning it was 40 degrees leaving L A like 50 mid fifties.

  • Drive my jacket on rules on how to feed them.

  • Hold on to the black Handle the dust pain with two hands to prevent the ostrich from taking your food bull away from you.

  • Ready for this?

  • Yes.

  • Cute.

  • The bulls are supposed to feed them, extendable out and meet the birds halfway.

  • This will prevent them from straining their necks and don't touch them don't stand the defensive.

  • You're not feeding them.

  • You are.

  • Wow.

  • You do have to hold with a look at the can.

  • He's got the food with.

  • I'm a little bit intimidated by them because they're all staring.

  • You know, they are.

  • Look at the current serious.

  • Just staring.

  • Okay, Here you go, guys.

  • Yeah, he's coming.

  • Well, moving on to the The hostages were intimidating.

  • They're Yeah, they're aggressive.

  • I was afraid that I was in a job like, you can't do not follow the direction strong.

  • Maybe there'll be a little nicer.

  • These poor, even though I always be the ostriches, but not because they forget that there.

  • Are you ready?

  • There's a very polite Oh, there you go, buddy.

  • You can't get Teoh.

  • I just got done.

  • It was pretty really quick.

  • I don't know.

  • 20 minutes.

  • Um, but everybody goes to be the ostriches.

  • First I forget that, you see, is the Austrians.

  • Uh, I would have loved to have hostages scaring me.

  • Yeah, they were very aggressive.

  • And the even is a really nice They gently took, you know, affected the bull and these weird grunting, But they're really, really nice.

  • And then Joe's just like, really went for it and kind of like, bounce can be a little bit.

  • So a lot of food, like, went out like I was having trouble, really?

  • Holding on to the booth cold.

  • So I get your like, your hands don't really get a good grip on it.

  • I don't drop.

  • This is gonna be, uh, like a little stop.

  • You got their right hand, I think when they were opening.

  • And, um so what in that crowded yet?

  • But really, it's 10.

  • 30 right now.

  • There was a lot more people there.

  • So if you can get there at Penn 10 when they open, could be Yeah, you have, like, more space and less crowded.

  • It is like a large area.

  • Have, like ostriches, eat moos even.

  • But then they have, like, different location for their.

  • I think everyone just tends to stop the very first.

  • Yeah.



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