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  • I've seen at least a dozen staff members that are simply holding signs that say

  • please maintain appropriate social distance.”

  • Nearly five months since Hong Kong Disneyland shut its doors amid the coronavirus outbreak,

  • it's now reopening.

  • I've arrived on its re-opening day to see how amusement parks are operating amid a global pandemic.

  • Since the start of the year, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of theme parks

  • worldwide, including Disney parks and Universal parks and resorts.

  • The opening here could set the tone for how theme parks will operate in the future as

  • lockdown restrictions ease around the world.

  • Disneyland Hong Kong closed at the end of January, just days after the first case of

  • Covid-19 appeared in the city.

  • After a hiatus for nearly five months, it welcomed its first visitors on June 18, with

  • strict measures in place, including temperature checks at the entrance, compulsory usage of

  • face masks and operating at a reduced capacity.

  • Similar measures are in place at Shanghai Disneyland, which reopened in May after

  • a 15-week closure, and has restricted its capacity to 30 percent, or about or about 24,000 visitors.

  • Likewise, Universal Studios has also gradually reopened in phases at limited capacity.

  • Nearly a week before Hong Kong Disneyland reopened, another major attraction here,

  • Ocean Park, also reopened at 25 percent capacity, with plans to allow up to 50 percent capacity.

  • Because the park's occupancy is so limited, most rides don't have a typical wait timethat

  • you would expect here.

  • I just rode the Hyper Space Mountain RollerCoaster, and pretty much just walked right in.

  • If a guest's face mask slides off, I notice staff are quick to enforce the rule by asking

  • guests to put it back on.

  • Butofcourse, if guestsare eating and drinking, they can take off their masks.

  • I see a lot of hand sanitizer dispensers have been added throughout the park.

  • and a lot of times I saw employees encourage guests tousethem before and after rides.

  • Cast Members are making cameos around the park but, because of social distancing measures,

  • you won't have the typicalMickey Mouse meet and greet and things likethat untilfurthernotice.

  • Even as theme parks reopen, a fast recovery is unlikely to happen anytime soon,

  • with economies contracting and unemployment at record levels.

  • The global amusement parks sector is expected to shrink by 2.7% to $71.6 billion in 2020,

  • compared to $73.5 billion a year before.

  • In February, Disney said that it expected to lose up to $175 million if its parks in

  • Hong Kong and Shanghai remained closed for two months, and they did.

  • To add to its woes, Hong Kong Disneyland was struggling even before the pandemic.

  • At the start of 2020, the park announced loses of more than $13 million for the 2019 fiscal year

  • as social unrest in the city deterred visitors to Hong Kong.

  • It doesn't help that Hong Kong has a small domestic market, unlike Shanghai.

  • Loyal theme park visitors in the form of season pass holders have provided theme parks with

  • a source of recurring revenue stream in recent years.

  • However, that relationship may be under threat as purse-strings tighten and safety remains a concern.

  • Until Covid-19 testing becomes ubiquitous and a vaccine is found, the slump in visitors

  • is expected to last for two years.

  • For guests who want to visit here, they'll have to buy tickets online at least seven days in advance

  • and fill out a health declaration form.

  • Usually, if you leave the park and you want to come back in, you have to show your ticket

  • and you get a stamp on your hand but, because of health issues,

  • now you have to show your ticket and, instead of a stamp, you have to show a photo on your

  • phone that you took inside the park earlier that day so they know it was in fact you

  • who was in the park.

  • This has definitely been an experience like no other toan amusement park for me.

  • Aside from the obviousface masks and social distancing measures, justbeing inan

  • amusement park with a muchsmallercrowd has definitelybeen a differentexperience.

I've seen at least a dozen staff members that are simply holding signs that say


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