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  • way.

  • Uh, I know, you know.

  • Do you take any more?

  • I don't know.

  • What about in your way?

  • They got a bit.

  • It must take me taking home.

  • I must give us coke on hover But still it is so much.

  • But that's the school saga.

  • Scotto.

  • Laminitis, You say some of yoga.

  • But as she watched that, that's never cannot say over your statement do for us, Do they dio got convicted somebody maybe good.

  • But people What?

  • It's up there.

  • Can I?

  • They're more thought so called your machine You could stick your toe focuses on, co said.

  • Do you know that?

  • You might say they didn't know.



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A2 初級

10年後、共感の幅を広げられている? | OUR FUTURE IS | ウェルビーイング Ep4 | | 清水文太 / 安田菜津紀/ 井手直行/ 高橋祐亮 (10年後、共感の幅を広げられている? | OUR FUTURE IS | ウェルビーイング Ep4 | | 清水文太 / 安田菜津紀/ 井手直行/ 高橋祐亮)

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