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  • (upbeat music)

  • - Did you see what Rebecca tweeted?

  • Let me send you the screen shot.

  • - Hey does anyone want to see Star Wars this weekend?

  • If you want to come just Venmo me,

  • oh and I was also thinking maybe we can bring some snacks.

  • - Hey guys there's gonna be a huge house party tonight,

  • it's gonna be a rager, if you guys don't come you suck.

  • - I would come but I really got to catch up on my Netflix.

  • - Did you see that meme on (bleep) Jerry?

  • So funny.

  • - Is it cool if I bring Katie?

  • (crickets sing)

  • (upbeat music)

(upbeat music)


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グループチャットの7つのタイプの人々 (The 7 Types Of People In Your Group Chat)

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