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  • Your mental health is something that is constantly changing, right?

  • I mean, no matter what state you're in - whether that's healthy and calm or anxious and chaotic - it always passes.

  • It's always in flux.

  • And for the most part, my usual state is this very thin ice of contentment concealing an iceberg of anxiety and depression.

  • Oh! Hey, do you mind if we talk later? - Oh, yeah, of course! - Okay, great.

  • Oh my god, what do they want to talk about?

  • What could it possibly be?!

  • Oh my god, there's so much TIME left in the day until it's later! [screams]

  • I've been in therapy for the past decade,

  • on antidepressants, off antidepressants,

  • and just fully immersed in the world of mental health for quite some time.

  • My highs are super high - Weeeeee -

  • but my lows are awfully low -

  • [Sudden piano sounds] [Creepy voice:] DO IT! [Exhales]

  • And though I've immersed myself in article after article, and book after book, and session after session,

  • I always come back to three

  • fundamentals of battling mental illness.

  • And I want to preface this with the fact that though they are very stupidly simple and obvious,

  • actually implementing them consistently in your real life and finding balance can be one of the hardest things to do.

  • Probably because taking care of yourself isn't that sexy.

  • Incorporating healthy habits as a routine is yes, very boring, monotonous, and doesn't really immediately resonate

  • cuz there's no way to judge your results,

  • But! They do work. Trust the process,

  • make them routine, and you'll find that your emotional and mental well-being are a thousand times better off for when the lows hit.

  • [violin music]

  • [gentle chiming]

  • Ugh

  • Ah! Glass number six...

  • [ding] [ding]

  • Aaaah! [exhausted]

  • Wow that script is awful and you're a terrible writer. - Um, excuse me. What did you just say to my friend?

  • -You heard me. I said THAT script is horrible, and you're a terrible writer, and ya both should give up. -Hey girl,

  • I know that I'm you, and she's you, and you're also technically you, but I'm here to stick up for us because

  • everything is a process and I don't want us to give up.

  • Also, wow, you can be a total bitch and you need to leave you alone.

  • Oh, thank god! That was so boring.

  • And how does that make you feel? - Yes

  • Uh, what? - Feelings, all the feelings. You asked like, how does that make me feel and I'm saying yeah.

  • All -- all, just all of them. At once.

  • Huh? - And look, of course

  • there will be days where you decide to party late, or you have an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos to yourself,

  • or you skip meditation because work got too crazy. That is fine!

  • The important thing is that consistently having a routine that involves healthy habits and living a lifestyle in balance and moderation.

  • Look, I've battled pretty intense depression and anxiety my entire life and it's only in the last few years that I've really been able to

  • incorporate and do the work of the "simple advice" that professionals have been touting for so long. Because part of you is like, "Wait,

  • no, it can't be that simple!" and then you try it and you're like, "Okay, yeah,

  • wow, I guess it's simple, but it's not necessarily easy to maintain by any means."

  • And for those of you struggling with mental illness,

  • which I'm sure is, like, a lot of us,

  • I want you to know this is an individual journey. What works for one person is not gonna work for another,

  • but these very unsexy fundamentals are great guidelines and foundations to build your routine off of.

  • Some people need meds, some people don't. Some people need to talk shit out with their friends all night, whereas some people need to process internally.

  • Listen to yourself, take care of yourself, and be well.

  • I am so honored to be partnering with BetterHelp for today's video. As you guys know,

  • mental health awareness is one of the advocacies I very strongly believe in because of my history.

  • So, when I do get the opportunity to work with people who align with my passion for it,

  • it just feels like such a great fit.

  • So, BetterHelp's mission is to provide anyone facing life challenges with easy, discreet, professional, convenient

  • and affordable access to professional counseling from a licensed therapist.

  • Since I've been traveling a lot this year,

  • I've had the opportunity to receive

  • counseling from all over the world,

  • and I can tell you that it has been so convenient and helpful for the busy

  • but sometimes overwhelming lifestyle that I lead.

  • So when you sign up for BetterHelp,

  • you first fill out a mental health questionnaire, as well as this comment section where you can talk about

  • what issues you want to work on and what's important for you.

  • And then they take all of this information and they match you with a therapist.

  • Scheduling is super easy and flexible,

  • which is awesome for me because production is always in flux,

  • and then you work with someone one-on-one, on the phone or through messaging.

  • You pay one low flat fee for unlimited counseling,

  • which is awesome because - those of you not in therapy,

  • traditionally a one-on-one session can cost anywhere between 200 to 250 bucks.

  • And if you have a ton of anxiety like me and you want to run every possible life situation with your therapist

  • before dealing with that confrontation, you can really use the constant professional help.

  • You can go to to sign up today.

  • And I know mental health can be quite the journey, but it is such an important one.

  • I'm Anna Akana. Stay awesome, Gotham.

Your mental health is something that is constantly changing, right?


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