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  • And there's actually amazing things that they're doing right now online.

  • A lot of super-beautiful girls, they'll--

  • they'll put a picture of their face online,

  • but they'll scrunch up their face and stick their tongue out, like...

  • You know?

  • And I'm always so floored by their realness.

  • So inspiring to be so vulnerable with society.

  • There's also a very powerful movement going on right now

  • on the Internet that, you know, women are kind of,

  • coalition building in a very cool way.

  • I'm talking about the hashtag "no makeup." Um...

  • You can search it if you don't believe me, but some brave women are mustering up

  • all their courage, and they will post a photo

  • onto the Internet in which they are wearing no makeup whatsoever.

  • I'm serious. But when they post the photos,

  • they'll always make a big announcement. In the caption, they'll be like,

  • [mimicking] "In the following photograph,

  • I, Cassandra...

  • am not wearing any makeup!"

  • Then the whole Internet is like...

  • [British accent] "Ooh-hoo-hoo!

  • Oh, good lady,

  • your bravery is unparalleled.

  • Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

  • We thank you, Cassandra.

  • Please check your DMs."

  • It just annoys me too because in the no-makeup photos,

  • they never fully look shitty.

  • Like they're always still in the splits,

  • in a bikini or something like, "No makeup!"

  • It's like, partial credit.

  • And then the guys fall for it every time.

  • It's a thirst trap, it's a trick.

  • And there's always some guy riding into the comments on a horse

  • like he's the Lone Ranger, he's like...

  • [imitates Western film music]

  • He tips his leather hat. He's, like,

  • "Dear Cassandra, I actually think you look better without makeup."

  • [imitates grunting]

  • Cassandra is like, [mimicking] "Thank you, thank you.

  • Mission accomplished.

  • Thank you."

  • If you really want to piss off a really hot girl,

  • like a model-hot girl, go onto her social media,

  • find a photo where she looks smoking hot, and you're just a regular girl.

  • Go onto her comments and just be like, "People say I look just like you."

  • [audience cheers and applauds]

  • She'll be like, "No!"

And there's actually amazing things that they're doing right now online.


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