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  • This is how Vermont's finest grew from cookie dough chunks to hardcore political activism.


  • 1963.

    1963 年。

  • Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield meet in seventh grade gym class on Long Island.


  • They're the two slowest kids in class.

    かけっこでクラスで最下位を争う 2 人は

  • So, by the laws of middle school, they had to become best friends.


  • 1977.

    1977 年。

  • After college, the dudes move to Vermont with the intention of opening a small bagel shop.

    大学を卒業したのち、この 2 人はバーモントに引っ越して小さなベーグルショップを開こうとしましたが、

  • But, since the bagel-making equipment is too pricey, they pivot to ice cream.


  • Makes sense.


  • 1978.

    1978 年。

  • With a modest $12,000 investment, Ben and Jerry open their very first ice cream parlor in a renovated gas station in Burlington.

    思い切った 12,000 ドルの投資により、ベンとジェリーはバーリントンにあるガソリンスタンドを改装してアイスクリームショップの第一号店をオープンさせました。

  • Confused motorists soon find out, "Hey, this ice cream is actually a lot better than getting gas!"


  • And Ben & Jerry's becomes a cult hit in Vermont.

    こうして Ben & Jerry's はバーモントで大ヒットとなったのです。

  • Five years later.

    それから 5 年後。

  • 1983.

    1983 年。

  • Ben and Jerry decide to open more scoop shops and strike a deal to sell their pints in chain stores throughout the Northeast.


  • 1984.

    1984 年。

  • Okay, weird but necessary fact.


  • Ben has severe anosmia and lacks a sense of smell or taste, so he relies on mouth feel to provide variety in his diet.


  • This is the catalyst that leads to the company's focus on texture, leading to the trademark chunks in their ice cream.


  • Their first chunky-ass pint to hit the shelves is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, still one of their best sellers today.

    最初の商品は Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough で、今日でもベストセラー商品の 1 つです。

  • Ben & Jerry's essentially started the whole, "Let's cram cookie dough and cake and candy and whatever we want into ice cream" thing.

    Ben & Jerry's のお店では基本的に「クッキーやケーキ味にキャンディーとか何でも入れたいものを入れたアイスクリームを売ろう」というスタンスです。

  • You're welcome, Cold Stone Creamery.

    Cold Stone Creamery なんかが真似しているスタイルですね。

  • Also in 1984.

    同じく 1984 年。

  • As Ben and Jerry climb their way to the top, big dog Haagen-Dazs takes notice and tries to interfere with their distribution in Boston.


  • Haagen-Dazs demands that any distributor who wishes to continue carrying their brand must cease sales of Ben & Jerry's.

    ハーゲンダッツは、販売店に対して自社製品を販売したければ Ben & Jerry's の商品を置いてはいけないと通告したのです。

  • Ben and Jerry have two options.


  • They either take the L and get the hell out of Boston, or fight back, much like Leo in "The Departed."

    負けるが勝ちということでボストンから撤退するか、"The Departed"のレオのように戦いを挑むか、です。

  • They decide to get scrappy and launch a campaign against Haagen-Dazs's parent company.


  • They urge loyal customers to write and call Pillsbury to ask, "What's the Doughboy afraid of?".

    自分たちの顧客に依頼して「 Pillsbury は何をそんなにビビってんだ?」という趣旨の手紙や電話を掛けさせたのです。

  • Eventually, Haagen-Dazs stands down.


  • The Doughboy is not afraid any more.


  • 1985.


  • Ski movie "Better Off Dead" comes out, whose plot mirrors the Ben & Jerry's / Haagen-Dazs beef to a tee.

    スキー映画「Better Off Dead」が公開されましたが、あらすじは Ben & Jerry's とハーゲンダッツの一連の争いを若者の日常になぞらえたものでした。

  • An oddball goes head to head against the establishment in a very cold setting, and the underdog comes out on top.


  • Coincidence?


  • Well, yeah, probably.


  • 1986.

    1986 年。

  • Ben and Jerry hits the road to get their name out in the cross-country tour aboard the Cowmobile, a modified mobile home where they pass out free cones.


  • It's like the Hippie Magic Bus mixed with an ice cream truck.

    Cowmobile と呼ばれたこの1台は、ヒッピーの好むミニバスとアイスクリームトラックを合わせたような感じでした。

  • On the return trip, the Cowmobile accidentally catches on fire and burns to the ground.

    帰路に着く途中、この Cowmobile が発火するアクシデントが起き全焼してしまいました。

  • Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Ben said it looked like the world's largest Baked Alaska.


  • 1987.

    1987 年。

  • The Cowmobile stunt, along with the commercial success of their newest flavor, named after the Grateful Dead's frontman, officially puts Ben & Jerry's on the map.

    Cowmobile プロジェクトに加えて、Grateful Dead のヴォーカルをもじった新しいフレーバーがヒットして、Ben & Jerry's の知名度は急速に広がっていきました。

  • They become a $30 million empire, with their ice cream being sold in 35 states.

    資産は 3000 万ドルに上り、同社のアイスクリームはアメリカ国内 35 州で販売されるに至りました。

  • Who's the losers sitting on the bleachers in gym class now?


  • Oh wait, that's me.


  • 1988.

    1988 年。

  • Ben starts a nonprofit organization to try and redirect one percent of the National Defense budget to fund peace-promoting activities instead.

    ベンは非営利組織を設立して、国防総省の予算の 1 %を平和推進活動に回すように尽力しました。

  • This is far from the last time Ben & Jerry's throw down for their values.

    その昔、Ben & Jerry's が事業拡大に際して巻き込まれたイザコザとは大違いです。

  • Their crusades for social justice have become just as recognizable as their kaleidoscope of ice cream flavors.


  • 1990.

    1990 年。

  • Over at Ben & Jerry's headquarters, they devote a space to commemorate discontinued flavors.

    Ben & Jerry's の本社では、フロアスペースの一部で廃盤となったフレーバーを再販するようになりました。

  • They call it the Flavor Graveyard.


  • It sounds bleak and spooky, but it's actually my happy place.


  • 2005.


  • To protest oil drilling in the Arctic, Ben and Jerry construct a 900-pound Baked Alaska and pass out slices on the front line of the U.S. capitol.

    北極海での油田開発事業に反対すべく、ベンとジェリーは 900 ポンドのベイクド・アラスカを作り、アメリカ国会議事堂の目の前で人々に配って回りました。

  • No offense to Cowmobile, but this is actually the world's largest Baked Alaska.

    Cowmobile には悪いですけど、これこそまさに世界最大のベイクド・アラスカです。

  • 2009.

    2009 年。

  • After Vermont becomes the fifth state to recognize same-sex marriage, Ben & Jerry's celebrate by renaming classic flavor Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby, aww!

    バーモント州が同性結婚を認める5番目の州となったのを受け、Ben & Chubby Hubby(夫はぽっちゃり形)が、Hubby Hubby(夫が 2 人)に、キャー!

  • 2016.

    2016 年。

  • The dairy duo's back at it again in the U.S. capital.


  • This time, they hand out pints of Empower Mint ice cream to every member of Congress, along with a letter asking them to repair the damage done by the Supreme Court's 2013 decision to cut the Voting Rights Act.

    今回は、Empower Mint と銘打ったアイスクリームを議員に配りながら、2013 年に最高裁で可決された投票権法の無効の再考を求める内容の書面を渡していったのです。

  • Later that year, Ben and Jerry are among 300 people arrested as part of the democracy-awakening protest.

    その年の後ほど、民主主義関連の抗議活動で 300 人が逮捕されましたが、その中にベンとジェリーも含まれていました。

  • This move brings attention to issues like voter suppression and keeping big money out of politics.


  • And yet, some people still want them to, quote, "stick to ice cream."


  • 2020.

    2020 年。

  • Ben & Jerry's continues to lead the pack when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

    Ben & Jerry's は引き続き、企業が社会に貢献できる事はという観点でリーダー的な存在となっています。

  • Here's their activism manager, Chris Miller, on Thrillist's podcast.

    同社の社会活動主任のクリス・ミラー氏が、ポッドキャスト Thrillist で話した一部をご紹介しましょう。

  • You know, Ben said many years ago that speaking out about the things that he believes in, not only was it not bad for business, but it actually created a level of loyalty for people who support and share our values.


  • You know, that's very powerful.


  • With more that 600 scoop shop locations over the world, and 60 iconic flavors like Phish Food, Half Baked, Chunky Monkey, and The Tonight Dough, Ben & Jerry's continues to live up to their legen-dairy status.

    世界各地に600店舗以上を展開して、Phish Food, Half Baked, Chunky Monkey, The Tonight Doughといったオリジナルフレーバー 60 種類を揃えた Ben & Jerry's は、これからも「アイスべき存在」として親しまれていくでしょう。

  • Get it?


  • Dairy, like cows?


  • Anyway, started in a little gas station in Vermont, grew into a worldwide snack food icon chock-full of chunks.


  • Thank you, Ben & Jerry's, for always doing the right thing in politics and in ice cream.

    いつも政治とアイスクリームに全力を注いで頑張ってくれている Ben & Jerry's に、拍手!

This is how Vermont's finest grew from cookie dough chunks to hardcore political activism.


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