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  • The drongo is the Kalahari's greatest trickster.

  • And these are his victims... a family of meerkats, desert specialists.

  • After warming up in the morning sun, the meerkats begin their search for breakfast.

  • The drongo can now begin his tricks.

  • But he must first win the confidence of his victims.

  • He spots an eagle on the hunt and sounds a that sends the meerkats gratefully scurrying to safety.

  • Danger over.

  • And now he has their trust.

  • He sounds another warning.

  • But this time, it's a false alarm.

  • Thank you very much!

  • The meerkats fell for it.

  • This all seems too easy, he tries the same trick again.

  • But the meerkats aren't stupid.

  • They'll only fall for it once.

  • The juicy scorpion won't be for him.

  • Then, suddenly, the sound of a sentry's warning.

  • No meerkat can ignore that.

  • Sentries never lie but the sentry sees no danger.

  • Guess who.

  • Of course, it's the drongo.

  • He's learnt to mimic the meerkats' own warning call.

  • And now he can enjoy his prize.

  • A gang of meerkats, outsmarted by a bird.

The drongo is the Kalahari's greatest trickster.


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ドロンゴの鳥はミーアキャットを騙す|アフリカ|BBC Earth (Drongo Bird Tricks Meerkats | Africa | BBC Earth)

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