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  • I... hacked, uh, dating website, OkCupid, and I made myself the most popular male profile in Los Angeles.

    ハッキングしたんです…。デートサイトの OKCupid に。で、自分のプロフィールをロサンゼルスで 1 番人気の男性っていう設定にしました。

  • This is so cool, by the way, that you guys are here.

    ところで、お 2 人がいらしてくれるなんて本当に最高です。

  • This is really, really, exciting.


  • -Oh, Thank you. -Just a decision by the director to have us here, yeah.


  • Yes!


  • So, I read some of the notes about you guys, which was very fascinating, and you, you work with the FBI?

    お 2 人の記録をちょっと拝見したんですが、それがとてもすごくて。それで、パニコさんは FBI でお勤めになっていたんですね。

  • Yes.


  • And you used, did you work with Anonymous?


  • Uh, yeah I was involved for a number of years.


  • And you, how was your work for the FBI?

    ではパニコさん。FBI でのあなたのお仕事はどのような感じでしたか?

  • What kind of focus did you have there?


  • Was In cyber-crime specifically, and investigating cyber-intrusions, which is what this film is about so.


  • So what do you think is the biggest threat, right now?


  • I think the biggest threat is the FBI, the NSA, um, and their counterparts in foreign governments.

    最大の脅威は FBI と NSA、それからこの 2 つの機関に相当する海外の政府機関だと思います。

  • I mean these are all, essentially, you know, companies, right, that try to justify their budgets in various ways, often by scare-mongering.


  • And, uh, with virtual impunity.


  • Will launch exactly the same kinds of assaults that they'll lock people up for decades for.


  • Well, I obviously have nothing to do with that, uh... I don't think the government is the worst entity in the world, I mean there's plenty of criminals out there, and there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there, who are launching attacks, real attacks that we see all the time.


  • And you know, understandably, you know security and privacy are opposite ends of the same spectrum, right, so there's always going to be a democracy.


  • I would hope, a healthy debate between what the governments do to protect us, and you know, the rights of citizens, so.


  • Yeah, and you can find that debate right here but.


  • Lets start the debate!


  • So how can we, as normal people, how can we protect ourselves from these things happening?


  • You know, everyone, I mean, I got my credit card copied and stolen, you know?


  • Things like that, small things like that?


  • Yeah, I mean, we have been saying, of course, like, ground zero is to, you know, use strong passwords, long passwords, different passwords for every site that you visit. .


  • Um, but I think, uh, more generally than that, uh, I think it's important that you know, all of us as consumers, demand, you know, security as a priority from the companies that we do business with, you know?


  • Too much, the MO is, uh, breaches happen, and we'll put out the fires and we'll keep going, but we don't make it a forward priority.


  • Yeah, that's true I think we should vote with our dollars, and with our participation right, so when we, you know, when certain, entities, that we deal with, you know, are proven to not have good security, we should probably move to ones that do have good security, and incentivize, institutions, and organizations, and companies to provide the security for their customers.


  • And you have a very interesting OkCupid story.

    マッキンレーさんは、OKCupid に関してとても面白いお話があるんですよね。

  • Can you tell us the story please?


  • Yeah sure, I, I um... uh, hacked a dating website OkCupid, and I made myself the most popular male profile in Los Angeles, over a period of about three months.

    はい、もちろん。あぁ…ハッキングしたんです…。デートサイトの OKCupid に。で…、自分のプロフィールをロサンゼルスで 1 番人気の男性っていう設定にしました。3 か月くらい。

  • And you know, ended up meeting my fiancee that way.


  • Wow, that's so cool.


  • Thank you, thank you guys!


  • Hi there, thanks for watching my interview, I hoped you liked it, and if you did, please share, like, subscribe, comment below if you have anything you wanna share with me, or with other people here on YouTube, and I hope I see you again soon!


  • Bye, take care!


I... hacked, uh, dating website, OkCupid, and I made myself the most popular male profile in Los Angeles.

ハッキングしたんです…。デートサイトの OKCupid に。で、自分のプロフィールをロサンゼルスで 1 番人気の男性っていう設定にしました。

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