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  • my Penis fans on page sporadic.

  • I worked at Schultz, a studio in Northern California, and I'm gonna show you guys had a draw.

  • Schroeder, today, Shredder, We're gonna draw Schroeder sitting at his piano because that's normally where he is.

  • So figure out sketch really?

  • Like my figure out where his head is gonna be a white circle and then his back, He's curved.

  • He's got a curved back.

  • These, You know, um, usually has his knee bent.

  • This is where it's just one arm, right?

  • His face.

  • He's expressively playing his about almost touches here.

  • So you got general shape his piano.

  • Please flip right here.

  • It's complicated to get all these this position right, And it may take you a couple of tries.

  • So his piano is almost drew lines, whereas toe is, it's almost even top of his toe even sitting on ground that can give you the besides people height.

  • Okay, Now, shredder has very interesting here.

  • Um, you do a little art line right here across his face, cut a circle in half.

  • This shows me approximately where his year will go and for his hairline will go.

  • Then he has this little tuft of hair.

  • The front curls around, comes up and then back in his head.

  • So if this is this shaking his head, his hair actually come up a little bit.

  • Let's get a Kallick right there out of love right there.

  • She can see he's got a little clever rounded here.

  • So he started shoulder and fingers, shorts and shirt.

  • This is here.

  • So normally I have to turn it a little bit to get his profile right.

  • Has a little bit right here, like a little part of you knows.

  • So I start going through the darkening up things.

  • It's very you're right.

  • Three shoot legs.

  • A soft short.

  • She almost looks like for the And there we can see Lewis back.

  • Shoot shoe laces.

  • So kids piano, Right, So small.

  • Just right here.

  • Two legs.

  • Where's purple shirt?

  • Strikes?

  • Shorts are always last.

  • She also I did.

  • Always did is really a nice, loose black areas.

  • Sure, so we're just gonna build it from this angle.

  • We're just kind of see a little bit of hiss opinion.

my Penis fans on page sporadic.


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シュローダーの描き方 (How to Draw Schroeder)

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