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  • Is that Harry Styles working

  • as a Starbucks barista in Illinois?

  • Are you Harry Styles?

  • You look like Harry Styles.

  • The guy at the window sure looks

  • like the former One Direction singer.

  • But we've learned the guy really is a Starbucks employee

  • named Shawn Butsinsky.

  • He just happens to be a dead ringer for the pop star.

  • Kinda crazy I'm getting a little bit of buzz

  • just from looking like Harry Styles.

  • Everyone else in the room can see it

  • Sometimes I see it.

  • But normally I don't.

  • It's really only when my hair's up like this.

  • At first I was a little bit upset,

  • 'cause I just, it's my job, I just want to do my job.

  • But now I think it's kind of hilarious.

  • I think I've heard one of the songs that I actually enjoyed.

  • I mean, I understand the appeal,

  • but it's not really my kind of thing.

  • Are you Harry Styles?

  • The answer is no.

  • (brass music)

Is that Harry Styles working


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あのハリー・スタイルズがスタバで働いている? (Is That Harry Styles Working at Starbucks?)

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