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  • Alcohol is one of the most socially widespread drugs,

  • and has been part of human culture for thousands of years.

  • This is for pretty evident reasons

  • For anyone who's tried it before, you'll notice that alcohol quickly makes you better at many things

  • including temporarily talking to girls and thinking you can jump down more stairs than you actually can

  • Now, whether it's at a party, or you've responsibly waited until you were of legal age

  • I think most teenagers and young adults are pretty excited to have their first drink

  • But if there's anything, you'll find out soon enough

  • It's that your first drunk experience is always one of the least memorable

  • Also keep in mind that many people have bad formative experiences with a certain alcohol

  • And say things like:

  • "I'm never drinking vodka again"

  • While you think you mean it, this decision is made by your logical brain

  • And has no bearing on the future actions of your drunk brain

  • Of course, many new drinkers worry that they're drinking too much

  • And don't want to develop bad habits

  • My friend thought she might have a problem because her family always buys her liquor store gift cards

  • But you don't need to worry when people buy you gift cards for the liquor store

  • You need to worry when they stop buying you gift cards for the liquor store

  • Now a downside of alcohol is how expensive it is

  • Another downside is one of the effects of alcohol is making you not care about what things cost

  • Fortunately though, one of the upsides is that one of the effects of alcohol is making you forget to pay for things

  • So you have to take your wins with your losses

  • So when you're consuming alcohol, you need to be aware of your level of intoxication

  • Which someone might ask you for to gauge where you or the group is at

  • 3 out of 10 is a small buzz, and you can definitely feel something happening

  • 6 to 7.5 out of 10 is the Goldilocks Zone

  • Where you feel charismatic, energised, and excited to do things

  • Past 8 out of 10 no one will ask because they can already tell

  • And you start saying things like:

  • "Why are your eyes so far apart?"

  • To someone's boobs

  • And 11 out of 10, where everything goes black

  • Time no longer exists, and you teleport to new locations

  • With that in mind, the effect of alcohol can be different for different individuals

  • And from my experience, there are fundamentally 3 types of drunk people

  • People who are their usual selves, but better

  • People who seem exactly the same, but can't walk properly

  • And people who immediately find a reason to:

  • Say they love you

  • Fight someone

  • Try to have sex with someone

  • Or cry D;

  • So one thing you'll have to deal with whether you drink or not

  • Is your friend passing out

  • When this happens, you'll notice that everyone else will do one of two things

  • Help them

  • Or draw a dick on their forehead

  • This is a good way to check your social circle for whether or not you have good friends

  • Depending on what they did first, and the size of the dick

  • Now at the end of the night, remember that alcohol dehydrates you

  • So it's really important to drink lots of water

  • A good strategy is to know what you usually weigh in the morning

  • And drink enough water to bring yourself up to that weight at night

  • In practice, I find I don't always have the clarity of mind to do that

  • So you can also sit under the shower head with your mouth open, wondering where you went wrong

  • So the next morning, depending on your age and hydration, you might experience a hangover

  • A hangover is your body telling you you're an idiot

  • And shouldn't be doing this any more

  • And the only thing that can make it go away is hash browns

  • So with that said, always consume responsibly

  • And hit up Costco if you don't have any in your freezer

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Alcohol is one of the most socially widespread drugs,


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