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  • slow brain.

  • Hey, this Snoopy!

  • It's a beautiful night.

  • What are you doing?

  • You're staying up for the lunar eclipse.

  • Cool.

  • Oh, look, there is way snooping.

  • You protected the eclipse on your face onto the sky, You trickster!

  • How do you do that?

  • I see There's a switch on the side of the doghouse which turns on a torch.

  • Projects images onto the sky.

  • Very clever.

  • Yes, yes.

  • Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Of course.

  • We need a Snoopy shaped planet.

  • Look, Snoopy, A letter!

  • Snoopy!

  • It's clear you love out to space.

  • We'd like to invite you to astronaut training so you can go to space and see planets up close.

  • How exciting!

  • Snoopy, Its national training time!

  • Snoopy first fly a plane.

  • Okay, get ready for takeoff.

  • Get behind it!

  • We have allowed to be careful.

  • Your brand new pilot off road.

  • I warned you, You've got this Snoopy next training faces to experience centripetal force by riding on the Orion satellite.

  • What do you centripetal force?

  • Well, centripetal force keeps space objects moving in a circular part.

  • This allows planets to rotate around the sun Centripetal force also keep satellites rotating around the earth.

  • Is he going to make you dizzy.

  • Um, maybe a little.

  • And, uh, try to get up and walk straight.

  • Well, at least you're walking straight.

  • Satellite trainees complete.

  • Snoopy, you passed.

  • You can go to space.

  • Smooth space.

  • Launch system.

  • Rocket S s for short.

  • Ready for takeoff.

  • Counting down 54321 Congratulations, Snoopy.

  • You did it!

  • You're in space.

  • Hey, why you're up there?

  • I hope you find some really Snoopy shaped planets.

slow brain.


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