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  • It's officially teacher appreciation week.

  • And I think there's quite a few parents out

  • there who appreciate their kids' teachers now more than ever.

  • To celebrate, I want to highlight an incredible teacher

  • from Dallas, Texas, Ruben Casares, I believe is his name.

  • I hope I'm saying that right.

  • Ruben is a special education teacher

  • who's been putting his own time and money into making masks

  • for his students and their families.

  • Well, Ruben, Box Tops for Education

  • believes we all need teachers who are as kind as you are.

  • We heard you even used your stimulus check

  • to make these masks.

  • So we want to help you stimulate your bank account by giving you

  • a check for $25,000.

  • And we're not stopping there.

  • We're going to spend the entire month highlighting

  • incredible teachers.

  • So to help teachers at your school,

  • download the Box Tops Education app on your phone.

  • Stay safe.

  • Be kind to one another.

  • Bye.

It's officially teacher appreciation week.


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エレンは教師感謝週間にふさわしい教育者に報いる (Ellen Rewards Deserving Educator for Teacher Appreciation Week)

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