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  • Now, I know the days are all blurring together,

  • but today is Tuesday.

  • And that means it's time for a special celebrity

  • edition of TikTok Tuesday.


  • Do you ever want to sing a high note

  • after you make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies by yourself?

  • [CRUNCH]



  • Wow, you can really dance.

  • Wow, you can really dance.


  • Pew, pew, pew.

  • Pew, pew, pew.

  • Hold up.

  • Wait a minute.

  • It's a chopper.

  • Brrrap, bap, bap, bap, bap, it's a chopper.

  • Hold up!


  • Oh, that was a good one.

  • That was a--

  • I like that one.

  • If you see a TikTok you think I should see, please send it

  • to me.

  • Before we go to break, I have a lot of people asking me,

  • hey, please let Andy inside.

  • And I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

  • Hell no.


  • But that doesn't mean I can't make

  • you more comfortable out there.

  • Andy, I got you a little something.

  • If you look in the bush, I got you a sun hat,

  • because you just have a baseball hat.

  • You see it?

  • Good God.

  • It's stylish.

  • It'll keep you from getting sunburned.

  • Let's see it.

  • [BANG]

  • Ugh-- what?

  • [SCREAM]


  • Oh.

  • What is wrong with you?

  • Honestly!

  • That was a rubber snake.

  • What is wrong with you?

  • Well, the hat caught most of the snakes.

  • Ah.

  • They should have come from underneath.

  • Oh my God.

  • Next time, we'll know.

  • [SIGH]

  • But let's see how pretty you look.

  • [SCREAM]

  • [BLEEP]

  • Stop!

  • We'll be back.

Now, I know the days are all blurring together,


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ウィル・スミス&デレク・ハフ、「TikTok Tuesday」に出演。セレブ編 (Will Smith & Derek Hough in 'TikTok Tuesday': Celebrity Edition)

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